Interview | Delta: launch of the mobile tracker integrating NFT tracking

How do you see the value of cryptocurrencies and NFTs evolving in the near future?

Personally, I don’t like to speculate too much, but I think bitcoin will be a better store of value than gold by 2025. NFTs are still in their infancy and the NFT market needs to become more mature, just like crypto as a market did five years ago. If that happens, perhaps NFTs will grow similarly to crypto.

Will these markets become more stable/reliable in the near future?

I believe that when more investors and institutions find their way to these new markets, they will become more reliable and more stable. We are already seeing institutions studying the launch of their cryptocurrencies or even their NFTs, as the British government announced recently. Bitcoin is already a good example of such an evolution. Other cryptos could take the same direction in the years to come.

What needs to happen for crypto assets to have a better image with the general public?

People need to be better informed and educated about crypto and NFTs. There really is a need to better explain what NFTs are, for example, and when someone is looking to better understand NFTs, they shouldn’t be pushed to systematically invest in crypto assets. People need to familiarize themselves with the concepts of crypto, NFT and blockchain and understand the processes involved. With Delta’s NFT Explorer, that’s exactly what we’re trying to do: democratize the management of these new assets and make it as simple as traditional investments.

How can your app help investors take a different look at NFTs and cryptocurrencies?

We always present the facts in a 100% objective manner. We do not push or induce the user to take any direction, much less to take any action. The information we provide can actually help our users make better decisions and form clearer opinions. We hope that they will examine certain assets with a deeper knowledge of what they really represent and their fundamentals, and that they will know if it is an asset that they can follow or buy for their wallet.

When talking about Delta to lay people and older people, is it difficult to explain to them what web3, blockchain, crypto and NFT may mean in the near future?

This is very much related to the previous question: with the Delta Investment Tracker, we offer data and information in a totally objective way. With this knowledge, it is up to the user to interpret this data and information and gain additional or even new knowledge about the assets of interest. The lack of understanding of certain types of new investments like cryptocurrencies or NFTs is not age related, as we have already seen that all age brackets find our app beneficial for their investment needs individual.

Which NFT collections are currently performing best in your app in terms of buy/sell/interest? And which crypto-currencies?

The trendiest NFT collections and cryptocurrencies are those with the highest volume.

How do you stand out from the competition (other trackers)?

Delta is the first multi-asset tracker. No other app allows you to track cryptocurrencies, stocks and NFTs. With more than 3.5 million users in 115 countries, Delta has become a key player in this niche. We have over 11,000 cryptocurrencies, 40,000 stocks and 18 million NFTs in our app. There are also custom notifications for relevant asset information and portfolio analytics. Regular banking apps and wallets are limited to crypto or stocks, they are mainly used for transactions. With Delta, a user can connect multiple bank accounts and wallets to the app in order to have a good overview of all their investments across the different platforms. This makes it easier to have a direct view of all your investments at a glance. One of the main advantages is also that we do not ask for any personal data.

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Interview | Delta: launch of the mobile tracker integrating NFT tracking

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