Introducing Dynamic NFTs

This article is by Manuel Valente, director of research at Coinhouse.

For a long time, NFTs in the crypto asset market have been static objects: a Bored Ape does not change face or accessories. All of that is changing, with the arrival of scalable NFTs.

The most interesting example is that of the collection X-clonecreated by the project RTFKT. Initially, you have the possibility of acquiring an NFT representing a character with its intrinsic characteristics, eye color, hair and so on, which is moreover drawn by the artist Takashi Murakami.

But after purchasing your NFT, you have the possibility to buy him accessories: glasses, a hat, clothes, or jewelry. And of course, the image of your NFT reflects the changes made: you can put on the latest fashionable cap at your leisure, and change his clothes whenever you want.

Introducing Dynamic NFTs

NFTs are therefore no longer static images that do not evolve, but characters that can develop a unique visual identity through fashion items. The brands are not mistaken, in particular Nike which has invested heavily in the project and which intends to generate interest for its products.

Clone X goes one step further, as NFTs can also have virtual apartments in which to display them, which again can be changed at the whim of their owner. And of course, Clone X plans to be able to use its NFTs as avatars in different metaversesrelatively simply.

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Artist Takashi Murakami

Other projects are also working on dynamic NFTs. The idea is then to be able to modify the intrinsic characteristics of the NFT according to external events. For example, if the weather is fine, the wallpaper on which the NFT is displayed will be sunny, and if it is raining, he can take out his umbrella.

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Basketball player LaMelo Ball released his own collection of dynamic NFTswhose appearance changes according to the actual performance of the player on the field.

A new generation of NFT is therefore emerging: we will no longer have a static image that we can only collect, but a virtual character that can evolve in multiple ways, according to the will of its owner or external circumstances.

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Introducing Dynamic NFTs

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