IQ Protocol: Defi finances its NFT revolution

Round table – Despite their effervescence, the technologies that underpin Web 3, the NFT and cryptocurrencies are still embryonic. They are actively seeking solutions to the problems posed by the complex use of blockchain technology. IQ Protocol intends to bring its stone to the building. Indeed, the project is developing an application that will allow users to rent cryptocurrencies and NFT in “expirable” versions, under guarantee and without risk.

With the support of strategic partners, IQ Protocol has continued to work towards sustainable development for the ecosystem. After a successful seed round, the team raises $12 million. IQ protocol can prepare the future of DeFi. Light on a project for the future.

IQ Protocol: A Revolutionary NFT Rental Service

For some time now, the NFT and DeFi sectors have been seen overlapping in an attempt to take advantage of each other. Yet using non-fungible digital assets in a decentralized finance context is still a bumpy ride. The adoption of NFT blockchain games suffers from these obstacles. IQ Protocol offers a decentralized application implementing 3 major axes to answer this problem :

  • It is possible to rent NFTs artistic or allowing interaction with social media or blockchain games.
  • The cryptocurrencies fungible can also be rented. This allows access to their functionalities on the networks or to their governance.
  • The rental of cryptocurrencies will also allow easier and temporary access to decentralized finance services such as staking for example.

Your NFTs sleeping in your wallets can thus be used. You will thus be able to generate passive returns, and serve the timely interests of tenants. IQ Protocol is therefore an opportunity to increase the utility of non-fungible digital assets for ecosystem players. In doing so, the IQ Protocol revolution is innovative for many sectors and affects the entire cryptographic sphere.

“We are poised to take significant advantage of the depth and diversity that encompasses exchanges, launchpads, guilds, blockchain networks (…).”

Tom Tirman, CEO of IQ Labs

IQ Protocol: an application for Web 3

It is certain that the versatility and adaptability ofIQ-Protocol relate to many blockchain sectors. And working on the accessibility and ease of use of a network is a challenge for decentralized finance.

The services that will be offered by theapplication IQ-Protocol

On the one hand, the application will allow many players in the Web 2 adapt to Web 3. Moreover, it will also be possible for it to literally shape the landscape of this internet of the future. Fans of on-chain “NFT-ized” games will no longer be limited to buying or selling NFTs. This is a major development for user experience. In addition, scholarship systems (scholarship) or non-fungible token lending will be facilitated. This use of NFTs is comparable to what some guilds, true parallel organizations on DeFi, can offer.

IQ Protocol thus participates in the development of Web 3 and its democratization. In this context, the world of NFT games and blockchain gaming has recently expressed its interest in IQ Protocol’s service, thus confirming the interest of gaming for the Defi (we are talking about GameFi). Indeed, famous DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) such as Yield Guild Games or Defi Yield App sat down at the table to participate in the fundraising.

Generous funding round for NFT games and DeFi

First SaaS (Software as a Service) decentralized in the world for business-to-business services, IQ-Protocol was unanimous. The team will now benefit from the strategic support of its new partners. These include PARSIQ, TomoChain, Mogul Productions, Autonio, Mysterium, Radom Network, Sator, GEMS, DeNet and SolDrinks, among others.

To have obtained $12 million At the end of this major fundraiser, the team celebrates the news on Twitter:

Tweet from IQ Protocol celebrating the success of raising $12 million to continue developing its app.
IQ Protocol celebrates its success on twitter

The success of the partnership is breathtaking and the declarations of the partners enthusiastic:

“IQ Protocol offers a unique means of lending and borrowing NFTs in a decentralized way (…). Indeed, we see many use cases in the financial NFT space, such as that of gaming. We are excited to help support IQ Protocol in its future endeavours. »

David Cai, co-head of the Kronos investment fund

IQ Protocol here confirms the interest aroused by the innovation it offers. Indeed, after an exceptional round table, the application intends to transform the Challenge. Virtual revolution on the use of NFTs and their accessibility, IQ Protocol will soon announce the presale of its IQT token. A further confirmation of the powerful dynamic that drives this flourishing project.

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IQ Protocol: Defi finances its NFT revolution

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