It’s delirium! Sales of NFT Doodles are exploding!

We haven’t heard of the NFT Doodle project for weeks, but recently we learned that NFT Doodle, which is based on Ethereum (ETH), has completed a record fundraising with gross sales on the rise. The company now has the mandatory cash in its hands to further promote its brand and if you want to know more, you have come to the right place.

Ethereum-based avatars created with 54 million USD

Recently, the Doodle company announced that it had raised $54 million in funding led by Seven Seven Six, the venture capital agency of Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian. Launched in the fall of 2021, the valuation of this project, which features avatars with distinctive options associated with 10,000 NFTs and built on Ethereum, is 704 million USD, thanks to the participations of FTX Ventures, Acrew Capital and 10T Holdings .

The brand benefits from funds and several expertise

With the funds received, Doodle wishes to accelerate its progress and monetize its intellectual property on a global level. This project aims to collaborate with skills from completely different sectors, such as music, tradition and leisure; this is how his expansion technique will be most interesting.

However, Doodle may also be looking for significant expertise in different areas, such as creation, operations and blockchain, to ensure its improvement. The project has recently employed key people to promote its brand and sell its products effectively.

Doodle named producer and musician Pharell Williams as the brand’s brand officer and recruited former Billboard chairman Julian Holguin as CEO.

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The explosion of gross sales of NFT Doodle: a real plot-twist

The announcement of this funding should allay the concerns of NFT Doodle owners, who have expressed frustration over a lack of communication. Indeed, the project remained silent, without sending a single tweet, for more than a month and a half. In addition to these constructive results on the faith of the group and the project, this fundraising has revived the enthusiasm of the market for Doodle’s NFTs. 24 hours after the announcement of the fundraiser, the sale of the collection jumped over 1,200% according to reliable sources.

Ethereum seems to be attracting profitable Doodles, whether it’s NFT, or a conception of that great web3 that wants to contribute in its own personal way, to The Fusion. For the moment, we know that things are progressing rapidly and before long, a nice surprise awaits us. In the meantime, do not hesitate to invest in cryptos and NFTs, you will never know when you will be able to win the jackpot!


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It’s delirium! Sales of NFT Doodles are exploding!

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