Kanye West cracks and launches into NFTs after judging his fans!

According to the words of the founder of Gerben Intellectual Property, Kanye West would like to get into NFTs.

Kanye West’s desire to get into NFTs is funny since a few months ago, the rapper had criticized the concept. The MCE TV editorial explains everything from A to Z!

Rappers take to the NFT

We don’t teach you anything, NFTs are gradually invading the musical world. And this, even though the subject divides the whole world. In France, many rappers offer to buy their titles through cryptocurrency. Booba is one of the first to embark on the adventure.

Remember, last November, the Duc de Boulogne generated a colossal sum of money with his piece NT. According to the information revealed by the artist, he would have obtained more than $ 160,000 in one hour by selling nearly 2000 NFTs (out of 25,000 available). Well then, just that!

But it’s the same for Jul. You are not without knowing that the rapper has just swung his brand new album: Extraterrestrial. Unlike Booba, he does not encourage his fans to get straight into cryptocurrency.

In contrast, he plans to win NFTs via the physical version of his opus. It is a way for the most skeptical try virtual currency without having to spend anything.

Abroad, the enthusiasm is almost the same. Even rappers who didn’t understand anything about it are beginning to succumb. We have the example with Kanye West. MCE TV tells you more about it, later in this article.

Kanye West succumbs

A few days ago, on the blue bird social network, Josh Gerben (the founder of Gerben Intellectual Property) revealed crucial information about the rapper. “Kanye West filed 17 new trademark applications around his name YEEZUS. »he wrote on his Twitter profile.

“The deposits indicate an intention to launch amusement parks, NFTs, toys and other YEEZUS branded products. », he then added. Yes, yes, you heard right. Kanye West wants to get into NFTs.

This is all the more surprising sincehe had criticized the concept a few months earlier. Indeed, last February, the rapper wrote the following on his Instagram account: “I focus on creating real products in the real world. Real food, real clothes, real shelter.” His recent collaboration with McDonald’s can testify to that.

Following his Instagram post, Kanye West also asked his many fans to stop talking to him about NFTs. “Stop asking me to do NFTs. I won’t support that… For now, I’m not on this path. I make music and stuff in the real world. »he had launched bluntly.

It could therefore be that the famous rapper has changed his mind. Not sure, however, that this is understood by his community who was literally lynched on social networks. To be continued.

Photo Credit: Dylan Travis/ABACA

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Kanye West cracks and launches into NFTs after judging his fans!

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