La Cigale: the famous Parisian performance hall launches into NFTs with the start-up Tailor

The performance hall of La Cigale is in turn taking the Web3 turn thanks to a collection of NFTs offering exclusive advantages to their holders. One of the strengths of this collection is that it is completely free: people who get involved the most in the playful journey will have a much better chance of obtaining the rarest copies.

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The mythical La Cigale venue adopts NFTs

The famous Parisian theater La Cigale launches into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFT) through an original experience. Indeed, until November 4 at noon, it is possible to complete a series of quests which will allow you to win one of the copies of this collection with multiple advantages.

To set up this collection called “Les Cigales”, the room teams teamed up with the French company Tailor NFT, which had already supported the Olympia during an ambitious web3 initiative that ended in some success: all the NFTs had been sold less one minute. On this subject, Julien Ranquere, co-founder and CEO of Tailor NFT, adds:

“Working with La Cigale was obvious to us: (another) mythical theater, a real desire to to build a digital strategy strong and centered on the fans… so many factors that led us to co-create Les Cigales to “delight” and reward the followers of the place. »

For La Cigale, the luckiest and most deserving person will be able to win the unique NFT giving in particular free access to four concerts of your choice and as many dinners, as well as a private tour of the room. These advantages are then degressive, according to the levels of rarity. Thus the more the players invest in the fun course, the more they have a chance of winning.

Figure 1 – Visuals of the different La Cigale NFTs

France Allègre-Gouygou, the general manager of La Cigale, sees in this project a unique way to retain spectators and fans of the hall :

“The ‘Les Cigales’ project seemed obvious to help us achieve these objectives. We want to tap into the latest technological innovations to offer our loyal fans ever more innovative and immersive experiences. »

👉 Learn more on the NFT collection “Les Cigales”

How to win one of La Cigale’s NFTs?

One of the key advantages of these NFTs is that they are free. Thereby, they will be awarded mainly on merit… and with a significant luck factor. To obtain your copy, you must complete a course called “La Voie de La Cigale”.

This course is characterized by various quests to be completed and available on the Tailor NFT website. These quests consist, for example, of following different social networks or being active within the project community:

La Cigale Quests

Figure 2 – Quests from “The Way of the Cicada”

As they complete these quests, participants gain experience and progress in “La Voie de La Cigale”. The more experience a participant gains, the more likely it is to win a rare NFT from the “Les Cigales” collection.

Thanks to this 100% free initiative, La Cigale is part of one of the most interesting use cases for non-fungible tokens, in particular by directly addressing fans wishing to get involved, and to be rewarded for this investment.

It thus puts aside the speculative dimension to focus on merit (a more mercantile dimension which may later be found on the secondary market). There is therefore something for all tastes, and especially for all budgets.

So here it is an original and creative way to retain viewers and no doubt in the future we will see more similar projects flourish in the world of show business.

👉 Try your luck to win one of the NFTs from the “Les Cigales” collection

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La Cigale: the famous Parisian performance hall launches into NFTs with the start-up Tailor

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