Launch your metaverse with NFT Worlds & Minecraft?

NFT Worlds & Minecraft allows you to have a platform to create your metaverse with maximum engagement on PC, XBox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch…

NFT Worlds is a fully decentralized, fully customizable and community driven gaming platform where world owners can create their own games or experiences in the metaverse in unlimited ways for players or exclusive communities within their worlds . Currently using Minecraft, the platform builds on the backbone of a decade of open source development within the Minecraft community and radically extends it to enable a whole new kind of decentralized gaming metaverse based on supported 3D voxels. by the Ethereum blockchain.

The development team of NFT Worlds is built on the philosophy of creating an open platform with contributions made wherever possible by the open-source ecosystem. They launched NFT Worlds to create the first truly decentralized, cross-platform (desktop/console), community-driven, money-making metaverse gaming platform. With the token $WRLD which is the currency of the game NFT Worlds. It is deployed on both Ethereum and Polygon networks to implement the Play To Earn Rewards.

It has been created 10,000 unique NFT worlds that are constantly evolving and developed by individual world owners or communities. These voxel-based 3D worlds open up an unlimited amount of creative possibilities to create a unique gaming experience, exclusive hangouts, gaming competitions to win, and more. The team believes that NFT Worlds will become a sprawling, decentralized, massively multiplayer ecosystem of many interconnected worlds. Each world having in-game portals to many other worlds, as well as the ability for players to easily move back and forth between their favorite worlds at any time. Each world offers unique game mechanics, experiences, competitions of game to win, community meeting places.


When the team launched NFT Worlds, they knew that to be competitive in the growing NFT gaming and metaverse category, they needed to initiate a vision using an existing open source gaming ecosystem to create the thriving community-driven world development. , community spaces, community created games and interconnected worlds that we imagined. The founders didn’t want to have to “reinvent the wheel” by building their own unproven game from scratch, while having to innovate on the NFT integration and decentralized metaverse side of the platform they envisioned. It would take way too long to deliver.

Having nearly a decade of experience working within the open source Minecraft ecosystem and seeing all it’s capable of and the vastness of open source tools, mods, etc., they knew this would be the answer. ideal for powering the decentralized gaming metaverse of NFT Worlds.

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Launch your metaverse with NFT Worlds & Minecraft?

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