Legendary Japanese animator launches NFT brand BOSO TOKYO

BOSO TOKYO announces the launch of the NFT project “BOSO TOKYO”, a brand defining an identity in the Metaverse. To celebrate its launch, BOSO TOKYO launched a campaign to distribute its NFT.


The main view of BOSO TOKYO is to provide an avatar for their collectors’ unique identities in the metaverse. Their goal is to make the metaverses coexist so that their avatars can be used on multiple platforms by the people who own them. Japan is increasingly interested in NFTs and even has its own NFT Marketplace created by Line.

The team is convinced that BOSO TOKYO will become a ” brand defining identity in the age of the metaverse “.

When the collection releases in early August, the project plans to introduce “REVVING,” where users will be able to stake their NFTs and earn passive rewards. In addition, users will be granted commercial use rights, allowing them to create figures, to use them in advertisements, to rent and more, without any limits.

BOSO TOKYO is an avatar brand from Tokyo. Unlike many NFTs inspired by Japan and video games on OpenSea, BOSO aspires to offer a completely original collection.

boso vision tokyo brand

The word “BOSO” comes from “Bosozoku”, Japanese motorcycle gangs. These gangs gathered in their hundreds, riding custom motorcycles designed to make noise. In Japanese, ‘BOSO’ means ‘give a damn’ and that was their motto when they rode their motorcycles. Bosozoku was somehow a symbol of freedom. The Rakuten company has also released its own entertainment-focused NFT marketplace.

The project roadmap and the team

BOSO TOKYO plans to hold a big event in Tokyo to promote the brand. They hope it will bring many talents from Tokyo.

They also recruited some names from crypto and Web 3.0 to work on the project.

Hidetaka Tenjin, the illustrator of Gundam and Star Wars mecha, has joined BOSO TOKYO as lead designer and is working on avatar creation.

The creative director, known as Afromance, conceives all creative designs and the worldview of the project. He is the CEO of a creative company, Afro&Co. He also hosted several big parties in Japan. During COVID-19, he created an online music festival that garnered over 2 million attendees.

Additionally, a team of cryptocurrency and NFT specialists as well as leading Japanese creators have come together to offer an authentic NFT collection from the heart of Tokyo.

You can participate in giveaway on their site until June 30.

NFTs are becoming more and more specialized and we are seeing the emergence of projects with a real 3.0 ambition, access to the metaverse and digital identity. It is with this type of project that the world of NFT will evolve and make full use of blockchain resources.

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Legendary Japanese animator launches NFT brand BOSO TOKYO

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