Love, Death + Robots is organizing an NFT treasure hunt:

An NFT treasure hunt is making headlines among web3 users. Discovering hidden NFTs here and there, in the virtual world as well as in the real world, is the dream of many crypto and metaverse enthusiasts. The game looks even more interesting when paired with Netflix. Indeed, this famous NFT treasure hunt is backed by the Love Death + Robots series.

To have his part in this collection of NFTs Love Death + Robots requires finding QR codes. This game is already running on the web and also in the real world. For avid blockchain users, this treasure hunt NFT might be child’s play. But be careful, you have to know the relevant details to be able to play.

Love Death + Robots, the popular Netflix series

It is in a world where fantastic creatures and cyberpunk characters mingle that this story evolves. We are in dystopian stories on a science fiction background. Netflix has made this animated series its new darling. His audience continues to grow. The first fans are naturally those who are directly or indirectly interested in metaverses.

This animation series has also given rise to several NFTs. With this NFT treasure hunt, it makes Netflix and blockchain users win even more!

A universe that is easily associated with NFTs

All scenes in the animated series are reminiscent of the virtual. The gestures, the images, and above all the characters remind us of the possibility of making NFTs out of them. When we evolve in the metaverse, we certainly want to value these images and these moments by collecting them in a more official way. Make it NFT if we followed one NFT course It’s already a good thing.

On the other hand, when the NFTs on the series come directly from the thinking heads of the phenomenon, we have a better valuation. The latter have naturally associated their series with NFTs for obvious reasons. The Love Death + Robots universe is about to transpose to the metaverse. We also expect something better after this NFT treasure hunt.

The treasure hunt for season 3

For season 3 of the series, a treasure hunt is launched. Netflix and the Love Death + Robots team have been hiding QR codes all over the real world and on their official websites. Hunters must flash these QR codes to retrieve their NFTs. They can then mint their NFTs. The game involves finding 9 NFTs in all.

This NFT scavenger hunt throws the anime series into ranks that further advantage it over Netflix. Either way, NFT collectors profit from it.


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Love, Death + Robots is organizing an NFT treasure hunt:

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