Luxury and web 3: the giant Hermès unveils its crypto and NFT plans

The devil wears NFT Prada – The luxury goods brand Hermes is known worldwide for its silk squares or its Kelly bag. A symbol of French know-how, the group has decided to embark on the metaverse and get ready to dress your avatar with the greatest elegance. After the prestigious Sotheby’s auction house which recruits specialists in digital art, it is now a family business more than a century old which invests in NFT. Sign of the times or opportunism? In any case, the time of shopping 3.0 has arrived and your avatars no longer have any excuse not to look classy.

Hermès ready to dress your avatars in the metaverse

1837 is the year of creation of the Hermès house which at the time manufactured saddles and harnesses. Who would have thought at the time that this small business – still a family business – would end up as one of the jewels of the industry? french luxury ? And above all, that she was going to leave conquest of the metaverse ! The ability to adapt to the market is one of the signs of a company’s vitality. And the least we can say is that Hermès seems ready to embrace the future.

Through a lawyer specializing in trademark registration, we learned earlier this week that Hermès had decided to exploit this new vein what is the future metaverse. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has thus registered trademark applications to display, store and manage several types of products:

  • objects of digital collection
  • but also cryptocurrencies
  • and especially NFTs to be used in “ online worlds »

But also other requests for:

  • retail stores offering goods virtual
  • fashion shows and trade shows

All planned for virtual, augmented or mixed reality environments, online ” and for ” provide an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of virtual goods “. No possible doubt, the future Fashion Week will be virtual!

Luxury invites itself into the metaverse to dress your avatars

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NFT, Fashion and business: brands invest the metaverse

Moreover, many luxury and ready-to-wear companies have already landed in the small world of NFT. We were even able to attend for four days the Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week. She brought together such famous brands as Dolce & Gabbana, Etro, Tommy Hilfiger, Estée Lauder and Elie Saab. And according to data from Dune Analytics, it is no less than 260 million of dollars which have been garnered by Nike, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Adidas and Tiffany thanks to the sales of these famous NFTs.

And these stories of big money inevitably stir up covetousness and inevitably create new types of conflict. As this complaint filed by Hermès against Rothschild, which had created – and sold – a collection of NFT Metabirkins. FYI, the Birkin is a very famous bag name that belongs to…Hermès! Is it enough to add meta in front of anything to be allowed to use it in the metaverse? It will be up to American justice to decide.

Welcome to these new worlds where your avatar will need houses, clothes, fashion accessories and a whole host of diverse and varied objects. They will have hobbies, friends, but in this virtual reality like in real life, you will have to find a way to distinguish yourself from others and display outward signs of wealth. So place at luxury 3.0 for those who have the means, for the others, we will just sip an NFT of coke while window shopping.

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Luxury and web 3: the giant Hermès unveils its crypto and NFT plans

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