MapleStory Universe: Nexon announces four NFT games based on the MapleStory license

As part of NDC 2022, Nexon announced four new MMORPGs and online games inspired by the MapleStory license, all making up the MapleStory Universe and based on blockchain technologies to integrate NFTs.

This morning, Nexon kicked off the 2022 edition of the Nexon Developers Conference, a cycle of conferences dedicated to major trends in the South Korean gaming industry and open to professionals from the main local studios. Unsurprisingly, the metaverse, blockchain-based games and NFTs are among the main topics discussed this year and Nexon takes the opportunity to sketch out some of its projects.

In the lot, Nexon announces four new games based on its historic license MapleStoryall of which are intended to integrate NFTs and which together must compose a “MapleStory Universe”.

  • The first of these titles is an MMORPG titled MapleStory N, is based on the main codes of the first MapleStory but incorporates the possibility of earning items and tokens while playing (by eliminating monsters or completing quests). Unsurprisingly, the characters and items will be certified by NFTs and the tokens tradable on a specific market to be monetized as crypto-assets.
  • The studio continues with MOD Na content creation platform based on the Project MOD (which already allowed to create and share mini-games online). As you can imagine, this “N” version allows you to “NFTize” your creations to monetize them.
  • MapleStory N Mobile is the mobile version of the MMORPG MapleStory N and makes Nexon say that the game will thus be accessible anytime and from anywhere.
  • Finally, the group unveils MapleStory N SDK which makes it possible to design mobile applications using objects and creations from other MapleStory Universe titles that have been certified via NFTs. According to Nexon, even if games were to disappear one day, creators and users would still have a way to exploit and market their creations within their own mobile applications.

In recent years, the trend has been for “M” projects as mobile, we understand that from now on, it is the “N” of NFT which is intended to follow. And according to Nexon, this is a logical evolution: a few years ago, free-to-play led to the creation of item shops and premium currencies. Today, the blockchain must allow players to “take control” of these objects and currencies to monetize them – Nexon nevertheless charges itself a commission on future transactions.
In any case, we will remember that the “MapleStory Universe” is designed so that the various projects are “integrated as much as possible into the blockchain ecosystem”, while “developing convergences allowing the entry of external NFTs in the MapleStory universe.

We will judge on paper when the time comes (in particular to assess the degree of openness of this “MapleStory Universe” and the level of freedom or control that Nexon will assume over the ecosystem that will be put in place), but by there, we will be curious to discover if the mechanism stimulates the creativity of players and content designers.

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MapleStory Universe: Nexon announces four NFT games based on the MapleStory license

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