Maria Sharapova, the queen of tennis tries the adventure with the NFT

Tennis player Maria Sharapova is getting into the NFT as we understand it. Sport and web3 definitely go hand in hand if the tennis player’s projects come to fruition. Indeed, as we have already seen, the NFT has transported sport through football with Cristiano Ronaldo, Zinédine Zidane, and many other players. Sport in the NFT is also the NFL, the MBA, etc.

This time, honor to tennis and above all honor to the fairer sex. It is true that we hear more about men than women in the NFT sector and in web3 in general. Even though celebrities like Karlie Kloss Where Bella Hadid are already rooted in this area, we only rarely see feminine names.

Maria Sharapova intends to contribute on the web3 scene to make a difference. The tennis player is very enthusiastic about her contribution projects.

Maria Sharapova on web3 and NFTs

Maria Sharapova was at Binance Blockchain Week Paris and her presence at the event naturally caught the attention of journalists. The tenniswoman honored the event with her presence because she is primarily interested in the field of NFT, everything that is blockchain and cryptocurrency. Moreover, it is in the list of those who have contributed to the financing of the series A of MoonPay.

His participation in the Binance Blockchain Week Paris is however justified by its interest in this field and its project to create a digital element which will gather its community. The tenniswoman sees in web3 an opportunity for her fans and supporters to once again experience the emotions of her various matches.

Next, Maria Sharapova wants to create a space for women on the web3. This initiative is the contribution she can make for the democratization of web3 on the female side. The project is also well received by its female supporters.

Allowing women entrepreneurs to enter the web3

Maria Sharapova also wants to enter the web3 to give women entrepreneurs the chance to integrate the environment. She believes that women also have the right to work in this field, and that they have all the potential to find success in it. Her entry on the web3 will not only serve as an example, but should pave the way for other women entrepreneurs.

The tenniswoman mentioned that the web3 is a space where she can find different sectors of the areas of life that interest her. Indeed, it is a space where she can get in touch with the latest innovations in fashion, design, decoration, etc. In other words, web3 is a place that has a interesting economic potential for women entrepreneurs.

Maria Sharapova therefore wishes to enter the web3 to stay in contact with her fans first, and then to explore the entrepreneurial domain of this virtual universe. By doing so, the tenniswoman hopes to involve other women entrepreneurs in her adventure.


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Maria Sharapova, the queen of tennis tries the adventure with the NFT

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