Martyr Ross Ulbricht issues NFTs on Bitcoin (BTC)

Ross Ulbricht, free market advocate and founder of Silk Road issued NFTs on Counterparty, a protocol anchored on Bitcoin. This auction is held from April 6 to 8 as part of the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami.

Ross Ulbricht: The First Bitcoiner Martyr

Ross Ulbrichtan American entrepreneur behind one of the marketplaces the most powerful in the history of the dark web has been imprisoned for 2013. A convinced capitalist, it was after having read the Austrian economist Ludwig Von Mises that the young man undertook in 2011 to build a digital market that would escape the moral considerations of the government, in particular concerning the drug.

A website where all voluntary and non-violent transactions between two individuals could take place thanks to Bitcoin. Ross Ulbricht understood Bitcoin perfectly. Its main function was first to bypass payment systems like Visa/Mastercard to allow sovereign individuals to exercise their right of ownership. It is still Bitcoin’s largest application to date for its ownership of censorship resistance.

Bitcoin would be handy for people who don’t have a credit card or don’t want to use the cards they have, either because they don’t want their spouse to see it on the bill or because they don’t. don’t trust giving out their numberSatoshi Nakamoto said.

1649392097 709 Martyr Ross Ulbricht issues NFTs on Bitcoin BTC
Human Blockchain – Series 1, block 5

People should have the right to buy and sell whatever they want as long as they don’t hurt anyone ”—Ross Ulbricht

NFTs on Counterparty and auctions thanks to Lightning

Dread Pirate Roberts (Pseudonym) will be selling four oil paintings at the conference Bitcoin 2022 from Miami. Each painting in the series “Growth Collectionis associated with an NFT issued on the Bitcoin blockchain using the protocol Counterparty. A convinced maximalist, Ross Ulbricht could not go through a fiat auction platform. This is why the works will be available on who uses the Lightning Network.

1649392098 79 Martyr Ross Ulbricht issues NFTs on Bitcoin BTC
Human Blockchain – Series 1, block 6

As a reminder, the Counterparty protocol is a P2P platform created in 2014 which is based on Bitcoin and allows the exchange of digital assets such as Colored Coins. Ownership data relating to works of art by Ross Ulbricht will therefore be stored on the Bitcoin blockchain for eternity.

happy birthday satoshi

Ross Ulbricht wanted to wink at the Bitcoin community by issuing these NFTs on April 5. Indeed, an online profile of Satoshi Nakamoto exists and includes a birthday date of April 5, 1975.

It is nevertheless likely that this fictitious anniversary date rather refers to the decree 6102making illegal possession of gold by American citizens. Came into force on April 5, 1933, and abolished in 1975.

NFTs to thank a creator

If NFTs are particularly interesting, it is above all in their function of support for an artist or creator. As a general rule, buying an NFT to hope to resell it for more in a few years is a very bad calculation. Nor is it really comparable to the art market.

In contrast, an NFT allows a creator to identify a fan willing to pay a very large amount and thank them with a cryptographically anchored object. In an attention economy, NFTs provide an opportunity for a fan to attract the attention of creators, who are often unavailable to their community. Attention is such a rare commodity that people are willing to pay astronomical sums for it. It’s no coincidence that platforms like Patreon or Onlyfans have been booming for a few years.

1649392098 389 Martyr Ross Ulbricht issues NFTs on Bitcoin BTC
Human Blockchain – Series 1, block 7

People who will buy Ross Ulbricht’s NFTs will only certainly not from a speculative perspective. They are just looking to support this defender of freedom who risk ending their days in prison, and are happy to have proof of this gift. Like a Proust madeleine that will arouse a sense of pride in them. Buying an NFT is a form of activism here.

The more money we raise, the more good we can do, so I got busy creating my next art collection.»

Martyr Ross Ulbricht issues NFTs on Bitcoin BTC
What Becomes of the Cages

Funds to free Ross

On the site, we can read that the funds will be used to continue the legal fight to save Ross Ulbricht and to reform the criminal justice system. A way to thank this huge bitcoiner.

Ross Ulbricht is counting on bitcoiners to help him in his legal fight. If in the past a fan had to settle for a simple automatic email to thank him, today thanks to the blockchain it is possible to obtain cryptographic proof. Buy the attention of a creator and keep that memory to be proud of having done a good deed at a certain block number. Here we touch the heart of the added value of NFTs.

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Martyr Ross Ulbricht issues NFTs on Bitcoin (BTC)

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