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Gary and Alexfrom Tomorrow Live, are at the origin of the MDeeJay Club concept, a metaverse thought to become the benchmark for the production of musical events on the net …

With your musical metaverse project, the MDeejay Club, you benefit from the general enthusiasm for NFTs. How did this project get started ?
Gary: We took the problem the other way round. Rather than thinking about NFT, we thought from a metaverse perspective. Today, the two reference platforms, Sandbox and Decentraland, have bet on general use, while we have chosen to focus on a specific use case, which is to allow artists to perform from anywhere anytime. A problem that is all the more topical when we notice how much the music industry has suffered from the restrictions linked to Covid. The other question we asked ourselves is: How can the distance between artists and their audience be reduced as much as possible? “. This is how MdeeJay Club was born.

What is your relationship to music?
Alex: For my part, I have composed a lot of electro songs, whether alone or in collaboration with artists from the world of Parisian nightlife.
Gary : It is especially Alex who is focused on music; Personally, I have a much more financial and crypto-oriented profile. In particular, I worked for an investment fund in the United States.

Hence the idea of ​​creating a musical metaverse together.
Gary: The beginnings of our reflection took place during the Covid and the first confinement. People couldn’t go out. Party venues were closed. And the existing VR offers at the time were quite poor from a realism point of view.
Alex: Our metaverse project will allow the most famous DJs, as well as representatives of the new electro scene to perform within an interactive and fun environment. We thought of it as a place of communion and networking open to all.

For this project, you are accompanied by the engineers of Station F.
Gary: Indeed. We work with Barry’s VR. Their expertise in 3D design allowed us to obtain a satisfactory result in a short time. At the time of implementation, we had a desire and a conviction. Promoting French technological know-how. And Station F is a reference in terms of requirements for the start-ups it incubates. Thanks to the work of this team, our metaverse takes shape day after day to offer a playful and realistic experience.

What can you tell us about the first date of the MDeejay club?
Gary: We are currently doing a contest on our Discord: “The Beat”. The winner will be able to produce in our alternate world. At the same time, we are working on an event concert, still in the metaverse, with one or more big names from the electro scene. Discussions are ongoing.

How do we buy one of your NFTs?
Gary: Two weeks before the first concert, you will have to connect to our site for the official launch of our NFT collection. We will notify people a little before, through our communication channels. First comers will be first served.

Alex: The question you should have asked us is why your NFTs? The answer is simple: Their usefulness goes beyond a simple concert. We are talking about advantages in the metaverse and in real life. We already have a partnership with Arc Paris and Casa Amore St-Tropez. This NFT will be the VIP pass of the music scene and its festivities!

And for what amount can we get these NFTs?
Gary: We haven’t set the price yet. A priori, it will be around 300 dollars. This is extremely reasonable insofar as our NFT has concrete utilities. The idea is not to drop users, but to make them understand that it is an investment that will be largely profitable in the medium/long term via the advantages and functionalities that it presents.

Do you plan to create a concept of rewards for participants?
Gary: We are in the process of refining our business model so that artists, holders of our NFTs and users are incentivized to participate in our metaverse events. We want to launch a token that will reward holders while artists and users can benefit from a ticketing solution for their concerts.


Is community spirit important to you in the world of NFTs and the metaverse?
Alex: Today, the notions of NFT and metaverse are still in the process of democratization. But what makes the strength of successful NFT, Crypto and Meta projects is the power of communities. By involving her and consulting her, we generate commitment and involvement. It’s almost Employee Advocacy with equal decision-making power for everyone. There is almost a social ideological dimension!

Holders of rare NFTs will be able to benefit from advantages, being offered a virtual reality pack with a computer and Virtual Reality glasses…
Alex: Yes, this concerns the first owners of the 200 rarest NFTs in our collection. But we are not going to give away VR headsets and laptops every time the NFT is going to be traded or bought by someone else. Only the first holders of these NFTs will receive this pack.
Gary: The deal concerns the rarest, especially because VR is very difficult to deploy today. For many people, this is practically impossible. We will enable a VR Test experience in our metaverse. But it will be limited to 40 or 50 people at first.

What is NFT the trigger for?
Alex: See our NFT as a certificate of authenticity, a symbol of belonging in the metaverse and the soon-to-be indispensable sesame of party cities like Paris, Saint-Tropez, New York, Ibiza, Tel-Aviv and Mykonos.

Do you give as much importance to the physical experience as to the digital?
Gary: Clearly. Without utility, a project is nothing. We wanted to make partnerships upstream of the project to reinforce its value and credibility. Big houses trust us! We have a metaverse ready to go live. It’s up to us to transform the essay into reality. And what is valid for us must also be valid for all “serious” projects..

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Alex: It’s hard to say, but we clearly aim to become a reference in online music events while allowing new generations of artists to gain visibility and launch their careers. If it was just me, I’d say number one…but Gary is a lot more careful than me (laughter)… that’s also why our duo works.

By Theo Lilin


Mistreated since the early 2000s, music-related finances will be better off thanks to NFTs. Explanations.

Gary: Artists are paid less and less by streaming platforms, and not fairly. More and more artists are trying to regain their rights. This is why the Blockchain is of great interest, it allows them to be better remunerated. We can talk about the Audius platform, which looks like Spotify, but with independent artists. »

Alex: “The main objective is that extremely well-known artists, who want to do a show in a metaverse, choose us, because the experience will have nothing to do with all the other existing metaverses. Tomorrow, if we have DJ Snake considering doing a show in the metaverse, we want him to choose ours for all of these reasons. »

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MDeeJay Club, NFT-Stars: “Artists take back control” – Technikart

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