Men Thought It, Women Did It: Empowering Female Creators Through NFTs and Cryptocurrencies

The blockchain industry is growing at lightning speed, companies are actively, if not desperately, looking for talent, and there just doesn’t seem to be enough of a workforce. It is estimated that only 5% of women possess of NFTs and 5-15% are designers or founders of collections, the impact of women-led NFT projects is profound.

To expand Equal Opportunity at NFTs

Traditionally, art created by women sells for around 50% less than that of male artists.

Since NFT creators are under no obligation to reveal their identity or gender, women can work in a sphere free from the biases, stigmas, pay gaps and other common barriers that people working in traditional industries face. unfortunately still faced. NFTs thus give us a chance to separate ourselves from gender or associate with it of our own free will – a privilege that women have not often enjoyed in the past.

In the same way that NFTs bypass class and space, it can also completely bypass the need to present one’s gender thanks to the anonymous nature of blockchain technology.

Female social activism in NFT art

The technology that underpins NFTs can in itself provide women with better economic opportunities, however, there is no point in discussing the prowess of NFT projects if we are not thinking about how to make this space truly accessible to women. This requires, among other things: ensuring that women and girls live in safe, healthy and free conditions, wherever they live, and that they have access to basic and technical education to join the sector decentralized finance (DeFi) if they so choose.

Women-led NFT collections are among the first to focus on social change rather than just the economic value or utility of a token.

Representation: shaping the female image with Non-Fungible Tokens

There are really a lot of NFT collections with female founders on OpenSea: World of Women, Women and Weapons, Women Rise, Rebel Society, Girlies, The Flower Girls – the list is long. The amount is actually surprising in a good way, given that women are offered company positions more rarely than men. There are also more and more women investing in cryptocurrencies

But there is a rather disturbing trend in the majority of these collections: although the main founders and artists are women, there is often a male co-founder – who most often provides the technical mastery to hit the NFTs. In most cases they were husbands and in other cases even a father. Don’t get me wrong, I sincerely commend those husbands, fathers and friends who support the women around them and empower them to succeed. Still, it’s a grim prospect to see that behind every successful woman in the NFT space is a man who gave her a “technical boost.” It is quite likely that women lack critical exposure to blockchain technology and coding specialties which are generally more popular among men.

Part of the solution could therefore be to expose women to more examples of women working successfully in the tech and NFT sectors, in particular. And it already is: Vellum LA has partnered with Artsy to present an exhibition Artists Who Code which features NFT artwork by female and non-binary artists, popularizing female and non-binary models in the space. Another important initiative to follow up on this exposure is to focus on recruiting women and other underrepresented groups into the NFT and tech industry, which most women-led collections like, for example, CryptoChicks have openly stated doing so in their hiring philosophy.

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Men Thought It, Women Did It: Empowering Female Creators Through NFTs and Cryptocurrencies

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