Méta-Hebdo: from NFTs to the metaverse, the blockchain in the spotlight

DNA- In recent weeks again, the NFT and the metaverse have caused ink to flow… Cinema, sport, music, art and even politics… no sector is resisting. By extension, the blockchain gaming sector play to earn (play to win) is also of interest. Some are certainly still skeptical, but others are passionately embarking on these so-called web3.

It is therefore clear that NFTs are gradually becoming a new way of entertaining us. From this new way of seeing entertainment follows an increasingly important involvement of the giants of Web 2 for the metaverse. However, in this race let’s not forget the origins of all these technological innovations. Let’s not lose the essential point that attracts all these large companies: decentralization, that is to say the absence of any intermediary.

NFT and metaverse: the stars of the moment in France…

The evidence over the past two weeks has been the multiplicity of news related to the middle of theEntertainment and the great entertainment industry.

In France, first of all, the municipality of Cannes announces a metaverse for its festival accompanied by NFT of monuments and sites of the city. Still in the country of the baguette, during NFT Day 2022, in Paris, Patrick Partouche, president of the Partouche casinos, announcement open to metaverse. Indeed, the 39 establishments of the group will now accept cryptocurrencies. The gaming company is even going a step further, releasing a collection of NFTs called Joker Club.

“This project is the first of a long series to come, new initiatives will follow one another to sustainably support the subsidiary in the ecosystem and create the entertainment of tomorrow. »

Patrick Partouche

…red carpet stars in the United States

On the other side of the Atlantic, NFT and metaverse have become staples of show business. Sstars of the night at the Grammy Awardsthey even go so far as to make their own movies!

Indeed, Coinbase after planning to list 50 new cryptocurrencies on its exchange, declares to do in the cinema and launch the Degen Trilogy ; a trilogy with the Bored Ape Yatch NFTs.

“There is definitely something brewing. We are creating a three-part interactive movie featuring BAYCs and their ApeCoin. Come build it with us! »

Tweet from Coinbase announcing the release of the Degen Trilogy – Source: Twitter

NFT’s Crazy Video Games

The entertainment industry isn’t the only one chasing after NFTs. SEGA this week confirmed to enter the race with a new web3 project: the Great Game. In this project it will be a question of developing a metaverse and NFTs for the famous blue hedgehog Sonic. The goal of the franchise is to connect multiple games with each other. The metaverse then becomes a logical evolution for SEGA. The Super Game initiative is expected to be rolled out over the next five years. In doing so, SEGA foresees the development of a new line of cross-platform games.

“It’s a natural extension for the future of gaming that will expand to involve new areas such as cloud gaming and NFTs. We also develop Super Game where different games can be connected with each other. »

Masayoshi Kikuchi, producer at Sega

SEGA announces its intention to launch into the metaverse with NFTs.
A metaverse with Sonic? Some dream of it

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The new financial needs of web giants 2

What if NFT and metaverse had then become needs, a kind of new product that the Web 2 giants can no longer ignore? The outgoing CEO of Warner Media, Jason Kilar, agrees. According to him, Hollywood will be the future blockchain star. Web3 technologies would then be the way to transform the entertainment industry which stutters a little.

NFTs and metaverses would then offer new forms of revenue, financing and investment. Also like the rise of the DVD and all the technologies that accompanied it, we can imagine that blockchain technology will accompany new innovations and therefore new investments.

I think it will be a potential wave that will come to Hollywood, the same way the DVD wave came to Hollywood in the 90s.”

Jason Kilar, outgoing CEO of Warner AMedia

Mastercard also confirms this trend, that of an obvious metaverse. It is then for the company to leave its mark on the metaverse. For this, the payment card company has made 15 trademark applications concerning use cases in the metaverse. The goal? Dominate transaction processing within the web3. A new playground for payment giants, the metaverse continues to attract tirelessly, like NFTs.

From now on it will be necessary to reckon with the metaverse

This need to renew, to reckon with NFTs and the metaverse Sony and Lego have understood this well. They decide to inject $2 billion in Epic Games development studio and distributor of video games. In this round, Sony and Kirkbi (the company behind Lego) are each putting in $1 billion. Also they declare in a press release that this investment is important to set foot in the metaverse, they develop:

“As the metaverse evolves, it is reshaping the way people meet, play, work, learn and interact in a virtual 3D world. The LEGO Group and Epic Games will combine their vast experience to ensure that this next iteration of the internet is designed from the ground up with the well-being of children in mind. »

The metaverse will then be here a space intended to protect the rights of children, their privacy and teach them to control the digital experience.

Tweet from Epic Games announcing its partnership with Sony and KIRKBI company behind Lego.
Tweet from Epic Games – Source: Twitter

“We are announcing $2 billion in funding with Sony and KIRKBI to build the future of digital entertainment)”

Tweet from Epic Games

Some are already convinced and won over by NFTs

However, some are no longer at their first try in Web 3. This is the case of Adidas, which has been cracking for NFTs since the year 2021. With a three-stripe collection with the Bored Ape Yacht Clubin recent days the sports brand innovate more and announce have as objective the creation of multi-chain avatars in partnership with the company Ready Player Me.

These are avatars that you can use from one blockchain to another. The seemingly banal news implies that it will be possible to use a single identity digital for multiple channels. The creation of avatars would then be based on the personality of the user. Generated by artificial intelligence, these avatars will, of course, wear three-stripe sneakers.

“This is the first brand partnership that pushes the boundaries of the platform – providing generative avatar interoperability with over 1,500 different metaverse apps and games.”

Ready Player Me

Adidas in the metaverse
An avatar in the metaverse? Yes, but with 3 bands on the feet

This collaboration therefore confirms that beyond the fashion effect, what interests Adidas is the interoperability of the chains which allows dizzying freedom in the metaverse, thus not forgetting, what makes the nervous system of any approach on the blockchain: the decentralization.

NFT and gaming: the blockchain, the playground par excellence

By decentralization we mean the notion of decentralized finance. More broadly, a decentralized communication and exchange system. This therefore implies the absence of intermediaries and the establishment of a peer-to-peer system (peer 2 peer), symbol of a direct trading system.

It is this blockchain-specific decentralization that convinced Ubisoft in 2019 to invest in the web3 sector. Indeed, after having released its Raving Rabbids in the metaverse of The Sandbox, the video game giant is making a new seed round for blockchain games of 60 million dollars to reinforce its weight in the ecosystem. He becomes the lead investor in White Star’s new Digital Asset Fund.

Video game, blockchain and decentralization then seem to be a super combo confirmed by Animoca Brands which continues to weave its web and acquires Eden Gamesvideo game developers to whom we owe games such as: Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed, F1 Mobile Racing, Mobile Racing, Gear.Club and Test Drive.

Animoca Brands puts the turbo and buys Eden Games to develop play to earn games.
Roll mechanics in the metaverse Source: Eden Games

Decentralization allows another contact, another link with the user who interacts directly with the game. The use of NFTs in the game, in-gameand of course another system that convinces video games to go to the other side of the web.

Decentralization, the DNA of blockchain

Decentralization is therefore the nervous system of NFTs. It allows direct communication and exchanges. Also, NFTs, the metaverse and decentralized finance offer us all the possibility of exchanging or donating NFTs or even in cryptocurrencies, without an intermediary.

For example, the crypto community has shown great support for the Ukrainian people. Pray 4 Ukraine has once again brought together digital artists this week to raise funds in support of the Ukrainian army and civilians. 10,000 NFTs were donated to help the people of Ukraine. Indeed, the donations of these Solidarity NFT will be donated to the humanitarian association Come Back Alive. An alternative method which makes it possible to be as efficient as a government thanks to donations, decentralization makes it possible to act.

“Pray4Ukraine’s mission is to show that everyone can help end this war and save countless lives in Ukraine. Digital art and NFTs offer the crypto community an alternative method to join a powerful global solidarity movement. »

Statement from the Pay4Ukraine team

Tweet from Pray4Ukraine announcing the sale of NFT to benefit humanitarian aid in Ukraine.
Tweet Pray4Ukraine announcing the sale of a collection of NFTs – Source Twitter

The trend has therefore been confirmed this week, and despite a phenomenon that is becoming popular, monopolized by the entertainment and Pop Corn industry, some do not forget the very DNA of NFTs and the metaverse, symbol at the same time of an expression freed from an absence of censorship and exchanges from point A to point B without intermediary thanks to decentralization. It remains to be seen how the entertainment industry will use this valuable innovation.

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Méta-Hebdo: from NFTs to the metaverse, the blockchain in the spotlight

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