Mono, the NFTs land in the historic heart of the Medina of Tunis

Kenza Zouari and Shiran Ben Abderrazak are opening a digital portal, Mono, which will make a new ultra-contemporary trend in digital art accessible to the general public at 26, rue du Pacha, in the heart of the golden triangle of the Medina of Tunis.

This micro-gallery of contemporary art in the Medina of Tunis has had a facelift. It also becomes the first physical NFT gallery in Tunisia.

But what is NFT art?

NFTs have been a global trend for over a year. Yet few people know what it is and even fewer people have ever seen it. Mono, this new kind of gallery, proposes to introduce NFT works of art to as many people as possible.

NFTs are a class of digital assets that have emerged with new blockchain technology. There can be different types. But when we talk about NFT Art, we are talking about digital works of art that are encoded in blockchains. This offers a large number of advantages to the artists who produced them.

This art (and digital art more broadly) has been around for a long time. However, the year 2021 gave him legitimacy and we see him today integrating the field of contemporary art. Mono offers art lovers, passers-by and tourists in the Medina the opportunity to discover, through its portal, these much-talked-about NFTs.

Mon, how does it work?

The gallery proposes to highlight every two weeks an NFT work by a different artist who will be chosen jointly by the two gallery owners.

Mono’s curatorial project will be the continuation in another form of Kenza Zouari’s curatorial practices: going in search of artists with a strong aesthetic and a marked artistic approach.

The specificity of this digital gallery is to offer a physical showcase to the NFT works of artists presented in a historical heritage environment. Mono presents itself as a bug in the Matrix, a dimensional portal that allows NFTs to come out into the open and establish itself as an experience for the greatest number. For NFT artists, Mono will be an opportunity to showcase their works outside of NFT world insiders.

Who is hiding behind Mono?

Kenza Zouari is a renowned curator on the global NFT scene, and Shiran Ben Abderrazak is author, co-host of » Cultivation Without Filter“, the podcast of contemporary artistic creation, and entrepreneur in the blockchain sector.

These two partners have decided to share their passion. In order to offer this new experience to the general public and to artists.

In addition, the observation that led to the creation of this gallery is simple: “Blockchain is a technology that is revolutionizing all industries and human activities, NFTs and smart contracts are bringing new ways to produce and disseminate art, except that for the moment only initiates experience it. It is with Mono to democratize access to this revolution. At least through sensory experience at first,” says Shiran.

For Kenza, “what we see today as creative profusion on the part of NFT artists is really interesting. New aesthetics are being crafted, new ways of organizing themselves as artists being experimented with. It is important to implement initiatives that accompany artists in their explorations”.

What will we see there?

Starting June 2, 2022, Mono features the work of Meeson Pae, a Korean-American artist working in Los Angeles and Seoul.

Meeson has degrees in fine arts from CSULB and the University of California, Los Angeles. His solo shows and monumental installations have been presented in Europe, Asia and the United States. She has been featured in Sculpture Magazine, Vice: The Creators Project and Art Ltd Magazine. As well as New Scientist, the Korea Times and the Los Angeles Times.

She is the recipient of the James Irvine Foundation, Durfee Foundation, Hans G. Lordis W. Burkhardt Foundation Award, AHL Foundation Award, Damyang International Award, Los Angeles Beverly Hills Art Icon Award, and Beverly Alpay Award. . She has also done commissioned work for Le Meridien Hotel, WebMD, Royal Caribbean International Ltd, Internet Brands, Biomedical University of Phoenix, M&D Properties and Terraces in Paseo, Colorado and for the World Trade Center in Dallas.

In her work, she explores the convergence between science, technology and the mythology that she materializes. And this, by a process of densification of strata of images and objects that refer to systems. As well as biomorphic abstractions between nature and body.

Converge (00) is a video animation based on the exploration of biomorphic forms suggesting states of transformation and mutation. Biomorphic abstractions allude to parts of the human body, vast landscapes and microscopic forms. Converge (00) makes connections between the inside and the outside, the organic and the synthetic, the real and the dream.

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Mono, the NFTs land in the historic heart of the Medina of Tunis

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