Monoprix wants to “bring NFTs closer to the retail world”, according to its digital director –

Ferdinand Tomarchio, digital, data and IT director of Monoprix and digital director of the Casino group

Acculturate internally, test online sales and confront its customers in store with NFTMonoprix launched in 2022 several Web3 experiments. others use case are to be imagined, without going too fast to don’t lose the customer. Interview with Ferdinand Tomarchiodigital, data and IT director of Monoprix and digital director of Casino Group.

Monoprix is exploring the uses of NFT and their democratization among consumers. In April, the retail brand launched its first collection of non-fungible tokens. For this 100% online operation, Monoprix teamed up with two creators: pastry chef Yazid Ichemrahen and designer Vincent Darré.

According Ferdinand Tomarchio, digital, data and IT director of the company, “it was a question of setting foot in this universe. Internally, everyone didn’t know what an NFT was and only a few geeks had a crypto wallet like a Metamask. »

Democratize NFTs with customers and employees

” We have done NFT like Monoprix “, he continues. This therefore means a direct link with the world of retail and the products marketed by the brand. The aim was to democratize internally, but also with consumers by ” facilitating access to NFTs for our customers “.

The result was a website incorporating the “digital codes” and allowing Internet users to mint tokens. This online course was thus an opportunity for Monoprix to present the principles of NFTs and the process of creating these tokens.

Then charge users interested in buying these NFTs (at the Ethereum standard) to create a wallet Metamask for the safekeeping of these digital assets. This step is still often a technical barrier to adoptionwhich Monoprix did not, however, ignore for this first experiment.

The objective was to involve our customers, our creators, but also our collaborators. I have organized many meetings on the subject of NFTs to describe them and detail how they work. I also carried out this work with the legal department when it was necessary to write the T&Cs. And generally, my interlocutors started from scratch. We had to revolutionize many processes in the company. And it was exciting”, testifies Ferdinand Tomarchio.

Web3 startups to design simple journeys

After this “relative success”, the Casino Group and Monoprix have therefore decided to continue their experiments, but this time through actions on the groundthat is to say in stores. In July, the brand organized workshops in one of its stores. It also set up ephemeral NFT corners equipped with terminals in a few shops.

This second stage aimed “to go further in the democratization of NFTs by bringing our customers into contact with these products in our stores. For this new phase, Monoprix has this time decided to mask the underlying technological complexity by designing accessible purchasing paths.

This barrier has been lifted thanks to partnerships with Web3 startups, the NFT collection RudeKidz, Ownest for the design of the terminals and the course. So farewell to Metamask, replaced by a custodial digital wallet embedded in the mobile application.

The in-store acculturation workshops were prepared and carried out by Keyrus, an ESN. This operation made it possible to sell NFTs, but less than during the sale carried out on the Internet. However, the ambition lay more in a pedagogical and experiential objective

Testing NFT uses: almost a duty for Monoprix

The digital director draws one positive balance, especially in terms of image. Monoprix was able to demonstrate to consumers its ability to embrace emerging technologies and uses.

With these tests, we are not looking at this stage to develop a new line of income. The objective is to experiment, and also to embody the image of a brand that comes to democratize new trends, in our product lines and commercial uses. And NFTs are one of them.”

” It was almost a duty for a brand like Monoprix to take an interest in the uses of NFTs and to test. We remain humble in the short term, and do not yet have more ambitious ambitions in our roadmap, such as carrying out job interviews in the metaverse, for example. We are more humble, ”continues the leader.

Learning internally, testing online sales and confronting its in-store customers with NFTs… Monoprix is ​​gaining in maturity on the Web3. And the company is taking advantage of this acquired experience to carry out other projects at group level. The New Cellarspecialized in wine, is also entitled to its NFT experimentation, with a direct link to physical products.

From Wine to Loyalty Tokenization

Through “this most retail case of all”, the company offers in-store and online to acquire NFTs. The tokens correspond to a title deed on great vintages sold by La Nouvelle Cave. These NFTs can be converted by taking possession of the associated wines, be transferred, sold to the secondary or kept.

These projects are part of a sequence of tests that brings the retail world closer to NFTs, but also to our customers, whom we take by the hand in the discovery of NFTs”, summarizes Ferdinand Tomarchio.

We could go very far, very fast, very hard, but I think we would leave our customers on the sidelines.e,” he points out. Monoprix therefore prefers to move forward in stages, and acculturate internally and externally to be in tune with the level of maturity of consumers.

What now of the 3rd step for the brand ? The initiatives are yet to be imagined. In a prospective exercise, the Monoprix manager imagines, for example, an in-store test around a digital product useful to the customer. The tokenization applied to the loyalty is also of interest to the retail sector.

A Bored Ape future applied to retail?

The “success” in wine associated with NFTs also makes it possible to imagine partnerships based “on the know-how of Monoprix around creation and luxury […] Maybe Monoprix can create the Bored Ape of the store. “But not in the next few months. The emergence of new use cases will take time, especially to improve the skill level of the teams.

The next use case that we will test will only be a success if it is worn by people whose first appetite for NFTs and Web3”, considers Ferdinand Tomarchio.

The adoption of uses and technologies, such as crypto wallets, requires time and the achievement of a sufficient level of democratization. The installation of an ecosystem of startups is also necessary to facilitate usage and make it, why not, as simple as contactless payment.

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Monoprix wants to “bring NFTs closer to the retail world”, according to its digital director –

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