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PRESS RELEASE. June 8, 2022: Myria Studios, the blockchain gaming division of Myria, has announced that the company is rewarding members of its community with its inaugural NFT launch – a free Alliance Sigil NFT. For a limited time, all new and existing members of the Myria community can claim the exclusive NFT for free.

The Sigil NFT Alliance is part of the complex lore of the Myriaverse and will signify where each wielder chooses to stand in the fight against “The Rift” – a powerful force that consumes real worlds and transforms them into digital worlds. The Sigil NFT will also grant holders additional access and utility, which will be revealed at a later date.


Participants must complete basic missions to claim their chosen Alliance Sigil NFT, such as joining and introducing themselves to the Myria Discord community, and may also choose to complete other missions to claim additional rare rewards.

Members can choose from three alliances: Federation, which seeks to fight Rift expansion on all fronts; Vector Prime, who believes humanity is due to evolution and will stop at nothing to accelerate the Rift’s expansion; and Equinox, which promotes balance and coexistence.

The rich tradition of the Myriaverse will continue in the game worlds of Myria Studios and will be revealed over time, chapter by chapter.

“Space and time bend and twist, taking your consciousness with them. If you don’t move fast, you could be stuck in a time loop forever. But if you’re quick and smart, and choose your alliance wisely, you’ll be rewarded.

Visit to complete your Alliance Sigil NFT claim.

About Myria

Myria is the first Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution designed for gaming. We facilitate digital asset trading and blockchain gaming with our all-in-one platform, including Myria NFT market, Myria Wallet, Myria Game Platform and a decentralized exchange. With a mission to empower more people to create, experience, and enjoy the benefits of blockchain and the metaverse, we’re building a suite of developer tools featuring easy-to-use API integrations and SDKs so that developers easily leverage our platform infrastructure to unlock the potential of blockchain. This infrastructure suite will also support the extensive blockchain gaming ecosystem developed by our gaming division, Myria Studios.

Myria Studios has a variety of free AAA blockchain games in the pipeline, spanning all genres, from light-hearted multiplayer obstacle course games, to action-packed Battle Royale shooters, and everything in between.

Roadmap of Myria

The coming months of 2022 will mark many notable milestones for Myria, including the launch of the $MYRIA token sale and node licensing. Node license owners will receive a $MYRIA token and NFT rewards for their contribution to Myria’s decentralized network, will be granted voting rights and will receive future benefits, which will be revealed later.

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Contact Myria

For more information, please contact:

Dave Malcolm, Marketing Director

Jem Law, Marketing & Communication


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Myria Announced Free Sigil NFT Alliance For All New And Existing Community Members – Bitcoin News Press Release

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