Neoland, NFT play-to-earn with Web 3.0 sauce

Starting point The new blockchain and Web 3 technologies are reshuffling the cards and reinventing the internet. Games are obviously part of this revolution. The rise of NFTs and decentralized finance has given rise to a new concept: “play-to-earn”. A disruptive conception of time, game and money, taking on the blockchain. A decentralized vision of virtuality that encourages the development of emerging projects. Neoland, developed on the Solana networkis one of them.

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Two games, one virtuality: the Neoverse

Without knowing it, you may already know neoland. Indeed, this platform is the Web3 extension of the mobile game neopolis. Free application, available in England and France, Neopolis allows you to interact with geographical areas using virtual cartography. The real world then becomes a game board, like a giant monopoly. 1.5 million downloads after its launch in 2019, the free mobile application is preparing to extend its reach to the entire planet.

Web3 attribute of Neopolis, Neoland is a stamped extension “play-and-earn”in order to make the many players benefit from the advantages of decentralized economy (DeFi). Gathered under a virtual roof composed of thousands of hexagons each measuring 737,000m², the virtual meets the real within the Neoverse.

NFTs in the shape of hexagons symbolize the properties

Chance card: With Neoland win NFTs and tokens

On Neoland you become the true owner of your digital parcel in the form of NFT. No more fake tokens and fake banknotes! You can trade buildings, play politics, become the administrator or mayor of your plot, and earn rewards by organizing events. To obtain the precious sesame, you will need to pay the equivalent of $25 in SOL during presales to acquire a land pass. 10,000 NeoLand NFTs will soon be available in France.

Once ownership of a land is acquired, you get rewards based on the events that take place there. Game revenue will be distributed in NeoLand ($NLAND). They can then be staked or converted to SOL. Deployed on the Solana blockchain, Neoland benefits from its main asset: speed. Between the physical world and the virtual world, exchanges will be almost instantaneous.

If the idea of ​​acquiring one of these NFTs seduces you, do not hesitate to join the discord French-speaking community. A community engagement tournament will soon be organized there with priority access (Whitelist) at stake. It will also be possible to win some during a hunt for hidden temples within the Neopolis game itself. Meeting on twitter for the starting signal.

To acquire a NFT Neoland, you will need one of the Neopasses which will be on sale in April
NFT plots will be on sale in April

Community Fund: play to earn

To launch the Neoland platform and win over an informed public, it was vital to avoid a misdeal with regard to the distribution of NFT plots. This is why 20% of Neolands will never be offered for sale. This is to keep room for maneuver in relation to player activity. On the other hand, this will make it possible to reserve certain lands for “giveaways” and other marketing operations. Finally, and above all, part of the lands will be sanctuarized for allow free playand that this community incentive remains the backbone of the Neoland project.

In the near future, it will also be possible to earn cryptos on the free mobile game of origins: Neopolis. Thus the distribution of profits is essential to both modes of play. The principle is simple. Each time a player spends FIAT money on an action performed in Neopolis, the owner of the land hosting this action receives a cryptocurrency reward. While the first plays and has a good time on a plot, the second earns cryptos thanks to his deed of ownership on Neoland.

Free parking: why invest in free-to-play?

But the players are not only called upon to pay. Firstly because it is still possible to play without ever spending money. Then, because they are rewarded for their participation in various events. Indeed, they receive experience points which allow the purchase of Neopop, NFTs in the game. Some Neopop are common and allow to decorate and personalize the plot. Others, conversely, are exclusive series that can, for example, increase the yields of your land.

Neoland comes to increase and enrich the Neopolis mobile game thanks to a superior layer composed of NFT
Neoland and Neopolis interact in many ways

If the fun aspect and social interactions are at the heart of the Neoland concept, this remains true on the Neopolis mobile application. Thanks to this NFT overlay, the customization of the fields, the reception of players during unique and free events allow a new experience within a monopoly of the future. The synergy between Neopolis and Neoland redefines the paradigms and the usual mechanics of play-to-earn games. Players can invest time and/or money, stay on Neopolis or get started in Neoland, have fun, capitalize etc… In the end, players and owners will all be winners.

As you will have understood, Neoland offers a virtual board game superimposed on our reality in which the community has everything to gain. A big family that you can already join on the discord in French from Neoland. The mint of NFT plots is scheduled for April. It will of course be announced on the project’s twitter channel. What are you waiting for to place yourself on the starting square?

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Neoland, NFT play-to-earn with Web 3.0 sauce

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