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The NFTs market has a development that can be described as very personal. But that quite simply corresponds to the specificity of this emerging sector, which appeared as such during the last year. All mainly driven by the release of new successive and sometimes (very) popular collections. And a “fluctuating” growth curve that allows its detractors to cry speculative bubble … or repeated scams. But in the end, and with the little hindsight available, a regular and ever more important adoption. With a total amount spent by its collectors (already) approaching that recorded over the whole of last year.

The NFT market divides the ranks of crypto investors. But that does not prevent it from establishing itself as a sector in its own right in this ecosystem. With an ever-increasing adoption, driven by collectors and investors who are often located outside of this digital world. And an observation, perhaps at the origin of the mistrust it triggers: would it not ultimately be one of the main gateways to this long-awaited adoption?

And like any new digital experience, the NFTs market is suffering from its explosive and high-profile success. With the proliferation of scams and other fraudulent operations organized against a large part of its collectors. But that obviously does not prevent them from continuing the adventure, with an amount spent that does not know the crisis. And this even if the growth recorded is not very linear, like almost everything related to the cryptocurrency sector.

NFT A market with fluctuating dynamics

The general impression and the a priori stubbornness is one thing, but the numbers are another. And this is what the Chainalysis structure regularly offers in the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology sector. With a recent study about the NFT tokens market. And more particularly on the “transaction activity” recorded since the beginning of this year. In particular following the real explosion that hit its development in 2021, with billions of dollars. And a simple observation in the introduction to this analysis: “ non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been one of the fastest growing and most important parts of Web3 over the past two years. »

‘Cause in just over a crazy year, this NFTs market has grown from a few tens of millions of dollars to several billions. But with a development curve that Chainalysis presents as “fluctuating from month to month. “The latter divided between regular peaks at the origin of new ATHs, and painful descents like last February. With possible reason, the successive launches of new popular collections often carried by movements of FOMO version whitelist. And the ambition to do as well as the now iconic Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).

NFT tokens

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NFT Already $37 billion spent

Because despite this seemingly incoherent development curve, the results are there. With the total amount spent by NFT collectors estimated at $40 billion for 2021. And transaction volumes on the main platforms of the sector whose increase has continued to be confirmed since the beginning of the year. This even if we dismiss all or part of the systemic wash trading triggered by the very (too) incentive operating model put in place by the LooksRare (LOOKS) marketplace since January.

Indeed, according to the data collected by Chainalysis, this year 2022 could already be that of all records. With a total amount sent by collectors as of May 1 which already shows a total of 37 billion dollars. That is to say almost as much as the whole of last year in just 4 months. And this to the benefit of 950,000 unique addresses having bought or sold NFTs in the first quarter, compared to 627,000 in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Overall, the number of active buyers and sellers of NFT has increased every quarter since March 2020. In Q2 2022 (as of May 1) 491,000 addresses conducted NFT transactions. A good pace to continue this trend of quarterly growth in the number of participants. »

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NFT A global market

Finally, the conclusions of the Chainalysis structure make it possible to affirm that the NFTs market is international in scope. At the head of this dynamic, the territories of Central and South Asia, which account for 25% of the web traffic recorded towards the dedicated platforms. The other two places on the podium go respectively to North America and Western Europe.

Knowing that the vast majority of transactions made in relation to the NFTs market concern “retail” purchases. » That is to say for amounts less than $10,000. With, at the same time, a notable stabilization in the number of “collector” transactions (between $10,000 and $100,000) since the beginning of the year. Which suggests, according to Chainalysis, “that, at the moment, the addition of new retail NFT investors is keeping pace with the addition of larger NFT investors. »

NFT tokens

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Whatever, the activity and volumes recorded by the NFTs market remain clearly dominated by a very limited number of collections. With over $1 billion in sales for Otherdeed ($785.4 million), Bored Ape Yacht Club ($155.8 million) and Mutant Ape Yacht Club ($127.4 million) alone on the last 7 days. That is to say more than 60% of the $1.74 billion generated by this market over the same period (data: CryptoSlam). And a full box for the Yuga Labs structure behind these three projects.

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NFT – A Market Already Close To Surpassing 2021 Sales Record – CryptoActu

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