NFT and The Sandbox: street art in the spotlight in the metaverse

The mural more real than nature! – A week ago, The Sandbox put music in the spotlight with the conclusion of a partnership with jamiroquai. Today, the French metaverse giant puts theVisual art in the spotlight thanks to its partnership with Ikonia which will appeal to football fans.

The mural fresco with the effigy of Andrea Pirlo reproduced identically in The Sandbox

On June 2, 2022, The Sandbox has announcement partner with the non-fungible token (NFT) incubator Iconiafor reproduce the mural with the image of a famous Italian football player Andrea Pirlo. This painting located on Lafayette Street in New York will find its place in the same way in the metaverse of The Sandbox.

The mural representing Andrea Pirlo by artist Jorit reproduced in the metaverse of The Sandbox – Source: Twitter

Indeed, the 15 by 6 meter mural by the famous Italian street artist Jorithas been reproduced identically in The Sandbox thanks to the collaboration from Ikonia and MetaLabs.

This reproduction is offered for sale in the form of a Single NFT. So the room will be exclusive to its happy owner. This NFT titled The Hero NFT will allow its buyer to own the digital rights attached to the work of street art, and to enjoy ownership rights over the real painting for one year. Also, this NFT has been auctioned since the June 1, 2022 through the project website. More collectibles will emerge throughout June 2022.

The Sandbox pushes the boundaries of digital art by offering a unprecedented opportunity dual property rights: in the physical world and in the metaverse.

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The beautiful tribute of The Sandbox to Andrea Pirlo

Andrea Pirlo is a player at the football career impressive. He argued 116 games in the jersey of the Italian team and was notably decisive in Italy’s victory in the 2006 World Cup. In addition, Andrea Pirlo won two champions leagues and 7 national championships in Italy.

By the way, the legendary player rejoiced of the creation of the NFT in his effigy:

“Participating in this project has been so exciting; the mural alone is an incredible feat and a fantastic piece of art. Seeing it then immortalized in the metaverse reinforces the astonishment. Giving the buyer a chance to own a work of art across multiple realities is a rare opportunity, and one that I have never been able to encounter in other projects. »

Source: The Hero NFT.

Beside the auctions until June 16, fans of the footballer’s premiere can hope to obtain other NFTs bearing his image. A bonus lottery provides for the sale of the following lots:

  • Dinner with Andrea Pirlo (for The Hero NFT Buyer)
  • 15-minute Zoom call with Andrea Pirlo (a buyer and 4 guests of his choice)
  • Personalized video messages (for 15 buyers)
  • Handwritten footballer autographs (for 32 buyers)

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NFT and The Sandbox: street art in the spotlight in the metaverse

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