NFT and Twitter – Will we be able to buy tokens on the platform? – The ₿log

Still in testing, NFT Tweet Tiles consist of a dedicated panel in tweets where NFTs can be displayed. Users, through this panel, will be able to access the marketplace where a particular NFT is listed using a button in the panel.

So far, the four marketplaces that have partnered with Twitter in this testing process are as follows;

  • Magic Eden, which is a blockchain-based NFT marketplace Solana.
  • Rarible, a protocol that relies on several NFT platforms
  • Flow blockchain’s Dapper Labs
  • Jump. trade, a sports-focused NFT platform.

In a tweet from Twitter’s development team, the platform explained that the marketplaces listed above will show users a larger image of the NFT, alongside other details like the title of the NFT and the identity of its creator.

This latest development from the team has been described as “one more step in the company’s journey to let developers impact the Tweet experience.”

Marketplaces adopted as part of the testing process and likely to pioneer the Twitter NFT experience are spread across multiple blockchain networks.

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Blockchain networks include Ethereum, Solana, Flow, polygon, Tezos and Immutable X. This expands the scope of adaptability of this implementation, given the large reach of the social media platform.

The flirtation of Twitter with the NFT industry is well documented, especially with the remarkable sale and the NFT of the first tweet of the founder in 2021. The tweet, “just setting up my twttr,” was originally sold for $2.9 million. A year later, the buyer, Sina Estavi, put the NFT up for sale and the sale ended with a maximum bid of $280 million.

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NFT and Twitter – Will we be able to buy tokens on the platform? – The ₿log

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