NFT auction on April 15 for the benefit of an association to help Ukrainians

You’ve been eyeing NFTs for some time, non-fungible tokens, these very fashionable virtual title deeds of works of art? It’s time to get started for a good cause! This Friday, April 15 at 8 p.m., the #EnsembleUkraine collective, founded by several French tech players, is selling several thousand NFTs for the benefit of the victims of the war on the site

Two levels of sales

This international charity auction is essentially fueled by the collection #TogetherUkr, 25,000 small colorful characters straight out of cartoons, baptized “The Children of Democracy”. Each is the result of a unique algorithmic combination of 48 traits generated at the time of the creation of the NFT (the “mint”), including accessories (scarf, caps, bags, etc.). At the opening, the minimum price will be set at 0.06 ethereum (about 170 euros during April 13).

One of the unique #TogetherUkr characters for sale.

One of the unique #TogetherUkr characters for sale.

But that’s not all. After the sale, the best donors will take part in a NFT Airdrop rare created by renowned artists. This more select collection, for which no starting price is given, is made up of 25 works, also unique, signed by as many renowned artists, including the French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand, famous for his series of photos “Earth seen from the sky”. For the latter, this is his first NFT, which depicts an Orthodox church under the snow in Chernobyl, north of kyiv.

Or Gwendoline Finaz de Villaine painter very inspired by the 1920s, who will produce next June (for real this time) a fresco by Joséphine Baker on the Place du Panthéon in Paris. Four Ukrainian artists also donated paintings for this sale denouncing the horrors of the war waged for nearly two months by Russia.

Some of the works at auction.

Some of the works at auction.
Some of the works at auction.

Virtual, nothing but virtual

Photos, paintings, drawings, watercolours… there is something for everyone… virtual! Once acquired, your NFTs will be stored in a metamask wallet (MetaMask), an Ethereum address. They will not be mailed to you! A certificate of authenticity and proof of ownership will however be provided.

20% of the funds from the sale will go to an NGO that supports Ukrainian artists and 80% directly to #EnsembleUkraine, which has, for example, already sent 1,350 tons of basic necessities to Ukraine and accompanied more than 800 refugees in France.

How to participate in the NFT #TogetherUkr sale?

Upstream, you must install a MetaMask extension in your Chrome browser and associate your ethereum (ETH) wallet with it. Make sure you have enough ETH in the latter!

Friday April 15 at 8 p.m. (Paris time), go to the platform and join the “Mint is open” sale, then:

– Set the desired donation amount (mint) with a minimum of 0.06 Eth per NFT, the maximum being left to the choice of the donor

– Specify the amount of NFT you want

– Validate to save the purchase

– Attention, the donor will discover his/her NFT(s) at the end of the sale.

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NFT auction on April 15 for the benefit of an association to help Ukrainians

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