NFT: Cool Cats eats in the bowl of an artist agency – New partnership with CAA

The NFT collection purrs! – According to a report published Friday, March 25, 2022, the creators of Cool Cats have sign a new partnership. The Non-Fungible Token Collection (NFT) has reached an agreement with theagency American artistic and sportswoman based in Los Angeles, CAA (Creative Artists Agency). Cool Cats is one of the top 20 NFT projects of all time by sales volume. Its creators follow other NFT projects like Cryptopunks, Meebits and World of Women. Indeed, they are not the first to sign an agreement with a talent manager or an agency.

The Cool Cats collection signs an agreement with the CAA agency

CAA, a artist agency which manages many talents in the field of entertainment and sports has revealed that it has signed an agreement with the creators of the NFT project Cool Cats . These randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain were created by Rob Mehew, Colin Egan, Evan Luza, and Tom Williamson. They launched the collection in July 2021. The Cool Cats collection consists of 9,999 cats randomly created with over 300,000 attributes.

“The world we are building is full of imagination and full of things to explore (…) It will be more of an experience, rather than just a JPEG”

Colin Egan, co-founder of the Cool Cats project

Currently, according to statistics from, Cool Cats is the 11th biggest project NFT of all time in terms of sales. The collection recorded $290.44 million in sales. It totals 11,353 merchants for 35,939 sales. Currently, the floor price of the collection is 8.5ETH (about $26,000 at the time of writing). The numbers further show that Cool Cats has an overall market capitalization of around $261 million.

It purrs on the side of the Cool Cats!

Data from and Dune Analytics indicates that there are between 5,372 and 5,379 unique addresses containing at least one NFT Cool Cats. Moreover, a seasoned collector in owns 323. However, the average homeowner has at least two in their collection.

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An NFT collection that does not stop at simple images

A number of NFT projects have signed deals with artist agencies. In September 2021, United Talent Agency (UTA) announced that they had signed three projects NFT from Larva Labs. The following month, CAA signed a deal with the NFT asset collector known as “0xb1”. In short, the practice is in vogue…

At the time, CAA said it planned to help collector 0xb1 “to monetize its collection of NFTs through licensing and brand partnerships”. In mid-January 2022, it was the turn of the NFT World of Women (WoW) project to sign its partnership. Indeed, the collection has partnered with Guy Oseary. Therefore, the creators were then able to declare that their project would be present on a myriad of media platforms.

Bored ape yacht club announces otherside, a metaverse that brings together several NFT collections like Cool Cats, CryptoPunks and Meebits.
Cool Cats, MAYC, World of Women, and Cryptopunks are already on their way to the metaverse.

Coming back to Cool Cats, the collection is also associated with the NFT Cool Pets project. This NFT collection is like the tamagotchi of the time. Indeed, it starts with a pet in the form of an egg which hatches and then progresses. At the end of the process, each Cool Pet is unique and “ultimately inherits a specific element: grass, fire, water, or air, with more elements introduced over time”. Along with the release of Cool Pets, the Cool Cats team introduced the Cooltopia game. In this game, your Cool Pet needs to complete quests and get items for its evolution.

Cool Cats co-founder Evan Luza said the goal of the deal with CAA was to “to further transcend the small niche that is just NFTs, blockchain-centric” with other media derived from their intellectual property. On March 19, an NFT Cool Cats was featured in a teaser video released by Yuga Labs regarding the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s upcoming secret project.

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NFT: Cool Cats eats in the bowl of an artist agency – New partnership with CAA

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