NFT Lacoste: it’s time to take your part

The fact that Lacoste is taking its steps into the web3 is frankly not the news of the century, but it is still excellent news for fans of the brand. Moreover, it is not the first brand to enter the web3, but it is the first to want to build a real community in the metaverse. Also, if you want to invest in NFTs from major fashion and ready-to-wear houses, it may be time for you to think about Lacoste since things may turn out well. Here are the details.

The Lacoste Web3 discord server

Like many well-known brands, Lacoste has recently entered the world of NFTs. To this end, the crocodile brand has relied on a discord server to bring together its fans and consumers so that everyone can take advantage of Lacoste’s arrival on the web3. In doing so, Lacoste also wants to revolutionize the web3, while developing the brand and its products. As a reminder, its NFT bears the name of UNDW3 and you can acquire it by going to the platforms that market NFTs. From now on, join this discord network to find out more about what Lacoste will be doing next and to expand the community.

The Lacoste NFT Collection

Lacoste does not rush thoughtlessly into the world of NFTs since there are already nearly 11,212 Lacoste NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain network. Moreover, the number of Lacoste NFTs available corresponds to its flagship polo shirt, the L.12.12. and at present, the price of a Lacoste NFT is approaching €93. At the moment, images related to the Lacoste token are not yet available, but it is a matter of time. We know, however, that the UNDW3 is very stylish and that if you buy now, you have a chance of never regretting it. Remember all those NFTs that saw their price skyrocket after a few months or even a few weeks.

nft lacoste

The Lacoste Voting System

If you decide to proceed with the purchase of NFT Lacoste, you will immediately be entitled to a vote in future polls of the brand. These could be surveys for unique and exclusive clothing collections, but in the future. Above all, this voting system will allow the brand to develop a close relationship with its fans, customers and collectors. Additionally, it’s a system already adopted by DC, which would give NFT owners the ability to participate in scenario building in the future.

You will understand, if you want to make a collection of NFT Lacoste, today is the right time to act, later the price will be high. Moreover, by acquiring Lacoste NFTs now, you have a real chance of being part of the Lacoste UNDW3 community.


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NFT Lacoste: it’s time to take your part

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