NFT: “Mecha Apes”, the worthy successors of the Bored Apes (BAYC) could be released soon

News hardware NFT: “Mecha Apes”, the worthy successors of the Bored Apes (BAYC) could be released soon

Although the NFT sector is not in top form, the biggest collections continue to be the talk of the town. In this case, Yuga Labs, the studio behind the famous Bored Apes has recently been the subject of a potential leak. According to this leak, the studio behind the most popular collections could return with a new series of NFT titled Mecha Apes.

The Mecha Apes, a collection that looks like Bored Apes

While the price of Bored Apes and other NFT collections have been widely divided due to the backdrop of falling cryptos, fans of virtual collections are waiting for something new.

To revive the NFT frenzy, many are hoping for announcements from the biggest players in the industry like Yuga Labs. The studio that holds the biggest collections in terms of capitalization is notably at the origin of the Bored Apes – jpegs of monkeys worth a small fortune.

According to media outlet Protos, Yuga Labs is planning to release a whole new collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by the end of the year. The least we can say is that the new collection does not seem to be revolutionary given its potential title: Mecha Apes.

Indeed, the collection called Mecha Apes, should take up the studio’s favorite animal present in the successful collection: Bored Ape Yacht Club. We therefore imagine that these new characters in NFT will take on the appearance of robotic monkeys. In order to launch this new series of NFTs, Yuga Labs could raise $50 million.

For the moment, we have few tangible elements on the collection since the announcement is based on a leak. Indeed, the media Protos would have got hold of a confidential document revealing the new project of Yuga Labs.

A collection already denied by Yuga labs

With recent hacks having hit several of its collections, Yuga Labs is trying to keep a low profile these days. However, this new leak forced one of the co-founders to react very succinctly:

Some are not giving up, hoping to see a new Mecha Apes collection within the next few months, even after this announcement that they consider unofficial.

One thing is certain, it is that for the moment Yuga labs seems more concerned about the update of the Ethereum cryptocurrency and its impact on non-fungible tokens (NFT).

Also, it seems unlikely that a new collection will see the light of day before the arrival of their metaverse. Indeed, the studio is currently developing its own metaverse: Otherside. Therefore, the work force of Yuga Labs currently seems to be focused on the various consumer demos and the integration of the collections already made in this virtual 3D world.

However, if the rumor of the release of a new collection signed Yuga Labs turns out to be true, then the entire NFT ecosystem could benefit from it. Indeed, the studio’s collections have already proven themselves before. For example, the virtual plots of the Otherside metaverse had overloaded the Ethereum network due to the craze around the collection of NFTs.

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NFT: “Mecha Apes”, the worthy successors of the Bored Apes (BAYC) could be released soon

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