NFT Pixelmon: it resurfaces after a chaotic start

It was at the beginning of the year 2022 that Pixelmon started to be talked about and during this time, it presents itself as a triple A gaming experience with voxel graphics in the Pokémon universe. This single announcement gave Web3 gamers enough reason to invest in the project, despite the limited information available at the time about the game’s development. the hour after the Mint launched, yielding 23,055 ETH. At the time, this sum was estimated at more than 70 million dollars, but the NFTs produced were disappointing… Today, Pixelmon is making a strong comeback after this tragic beginning and here are the details.

The concern of the launch

Buyers and investors at the time had no idea what the NFT characters they purchased looked like in-game. So when ZachXBT, the self-proclaimed cryptocurrency sleuth, posted a series of screenshots showing what Pixelmons would look like, investors and buyers were treated to a rude awakening. Sales of the project immediately plummeted, as did the value of each Pixelmon on the open market. There have even been allegations that Pixelmon founder Martin van Blerk used funds from Pixelmon’s treasury to go on what can only be described as a top notch NFT buying spree. You will understand why Pixelmon had fallen into web3 oblivion for a long time, fortunately things have changed after such a fiasco.

Pixelmon’s New Beginning

With everything surrounding the project, the future of PIxelmon was in jeopardy, to say the least. However, despite how Pixelmon deterred collectors, several investors in the Pokemon-loving web3 space thought the initial hype was worth reviving. Following the acquisition of a 60% majority stake in Pixelmon, Web3 VC LiquidX is ready to assume a fully operational role in all existing departments of Pixelmon. In addition, a new, much clearer roadmap has been established for the future of Pixelmon. According to a press release, the game is set to launch a playable alpha in Q1 2023, with a full release scheduled for late 2023.

Today we know that in addition to a clear release date, the new management team of Pixelmon spoke directly about the future of the game as a title in the blockchain gaming space. There was no mention of “play-to-earn” or “play-and-earn” type mechanisms in the planned version. Instead, the new top brass at Pixelmon are pushing the planned title towards a play-to-own model. With a timeline of up to six months, new Pixelmon developers will have to work a miracle. To make amends and a strong comeback to all those who poured huge amounts of their hard-earned cash into the original release and kept holding on, the new Pixelmon can’t just be another Pokeclone; it must be a Poké-killer. We will see more when the Alpha test takes place.


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NFT Pixelmon: it resurfaces after a chaotic start

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