NFT Pulp Fiction: finally a way out for this lawsuit?

Last year, when NFTs were starting to catch on, the very famous Quentin Tarantino released NFTs of one of his masterpieces: Pulp Fiction. Unfortunately, Miramax put a damper on Tarantino’s plans by suing him, claiming he couldn’t sell NFTs because the studio owned the rights. It was a long battle and here is the news of the trials.

A legal battle that lasted for months

During a very long legal battle between Quentin Tarantino and Miramax studios regarding the true owner of the scenario. In the course of things, Miramax’s lawyers claimed that they had the “extensive rights” to offer script-based NFTs. In contrast, Tarantino’s legal team argued that the original agreement he signed gave him the right to “publish” his script and therefore he should be allowed to post NFTs on the blockchain. In the end, reliable sources report that a new court filing indicates that Tarantino and Miramax will dismiss the lawsuit, settling the case once and for all.

What are the agreements?

Both parties have agreed to put this matter behind them and look forward to collaborating with each other on future projects, including possible TNFs. In any case, this is what can be read in a joint declaration. Tarantino and Miramax met recently to discuss a deal, and a source who has followed everything notes that the case is unlikely to go to trial since they have reached an agreement. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed to the public, so it’s unclear what it is, at this time.

A case that serves as case law

Needless to say, this is a hugely important decision between Tarantino and Miramax, as it will have a ripple effect across all of Hollywood. New technologies continue to reshape the film industry, and Hollywood and creators are trying to draw lines in the sand to reclaim what they have rights to. Depending on how the case is settled, the studios could potentially profit from an author’s scripts, which the latter would no longer own the rights to and ultimately the creators would not benefit from their original work.

scene in pulp fiction NFT

The Future of NFTs Pulp Fiction

According to the joint statement released, it was known that the creator and the studio will share the rights to the script and will share the profits on the sales of TNF based on this script. The world may know the future of emerging technology rights if and when Pulp Fiction’s NFTs are released. Alas, the NFT and cryptocurrency markets have fallen since the complaint was filed, so the future of Pulp Fiction’s NFTs is unclear.

Observers and those who followed the story agree that it’s not the most satisfying conclusion to the story, but at least Tarantino and Miramax were able to find a solution in court. Soon we will have more details on the agreements reached between the two parties.


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NFT Pulp Fiction: finally a way out for this lawsuit?

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