NFT Tamadoge: biggest NFT launch in 2022 on OpenSea?

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tamadoge recently launched two NFT collections featuring boosted stats that users can use in various upcoming Tamadoge games. These collections have attracted a lot of attention for their merits within the Tamadoge ecosystem, which has prompted the Tamadoge team to massively inject NFTs into OpenSea, making these probably the largest NFT collections launched in 2022. .

What is Tamadoge

Tamadoge is a project whose priority is to improve the current landscape of the system “play-to-earn” by creating a series of arcade games as well as engaging and in-depth Tamagotchi-esque gameplay. The latter will allow players to earn rewards by caring for pets based on the NFTs.

Tamadoge Splash
Tamadoge Splash (

The game Tamadoge takes place in a metaverse known as Tamaverse. In this virtual universe, players can explore and interact with their 3D Tamadoge pets. Each time a player advances his animal, he receives Dogepointswhich allows him to improve his ranking and obtain a greater share of rewards.

Since this project reached its goal of $19 million during its pre-sale and rose in value from $0.03 to $0.197 after listing on the OKX exchange, it has been turning heads.

Tamadoge NFT: NFT’s Biggest Hit of 2022?

Tamadoge recently launched a variety of NFT Collections that will be usable in upcoming Tamadoge games. The first published collection was a series of 100 Ultra Rare NFTs, followed by 1,000 rare NFTs. A little later, the team will also release 20,000 common NFTs.

Tamadoge Rare NFTs
Rare Tamadoge NFTs (

The ultra-rare collection sold out quickly after its launch, and even took the top spot on OpenSea for a certain time. This collection has reached a floor price of 5 ETH, which is several times higher than its initial sale price.

The collection of 1,000 rare NFTs has also aroused the lust of investors. It was sold in the form of a Dutch auction, which means that prices will decrease over time. We can also realize that a large number of NFTs in the collection have already been sold. However, some are still available and can be purchased for only 0.5ETH until November 19.

For investors who were unable to acquire a rare or ultra-rare Tamadoge animal, the collection of 20,000 common NFTs will launch on October 24, offering another chance to get your hands on a Tamadoge animal.

The Tamadoge project now enjoys great success and regularly makes the headlines. Therefore, one can expect not to be disappointed with the launch of these common NFTs. Once the play-to-earn games the games and arcades of the project will be released, the value of NFT Tamadoge could explode, which means that it would be more beneficial to acquire one in advance.

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NFT Tamadoge: biggest NFT launch in 2022 on OpenSea?

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