NFT: the Royal Mint will mint an official token for the United Kingdom –

The UK government announces the creation of an NFT by the Royal Mint: the organization responsible for printing the Pound Sterling. A major turning point for the NFT industry and the crypto-economy…

NFTs are set to revolutionize the global economy, and the United Kingdom does not intend to miss the boat. Our neighbor across the Channel has based its economic power on liberalism, and wants to remain focused on the future and progress.

In this context, Her Majesty’s Treasury announces that it has asked the Royal Mint to create an NFT by way of » emblem of a forward-looking approach he wants to adopt regarding cryptocurrencies and blockchains. This surprising project has just been announced by John Glen, Economic Secretary of the Treasury. More details will be communicated shortly.

It’s not not the first time a country has created its own NFTs. For example, Ukraine recently launched NFTs whose sales support the resistance against the Russian invasion.

However, the UK announcement is particularly important. First of all, she comes from the highest level of the British government.

Also, this NFT keystroke will be performed by the entity in charge of printing the official currency from the country. The Royal Mint is indeed the body that strikes and prints the Pound Sterling. An NFT or other cryptocurrency is unlikely to replace the pound, but it is a turning point for the field of non-fungible tokens.

After the stock market, the United Kingdom dreams of being the European capital of the crypto-economy

The lack of details may suggest that this is a publicity stunt, aimed at placing the United Kingdom in epicenter of financial innovation and crypto-economy. However, the UK government seems to be taking this matter seriously. The Treasury has asked a task force to develop ” a legal status for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) “.

The government has many plans, and the Treasury is also considering regulating some stablecoins. He also works for allow cryptocurrency companies to test their products and services within a controlled environment through a » regulatory sandbox “.

Pending further official announcements, the door is open to all theories regarding this NFT project. It could be a collector’s token for British cryptocurrency enthusiasts, or a unique NFT that would be carefully kept at Buckingham Palace or the Tower of London…

In France, such a project is not likely to see the light of day since we no longer have a sovereign currency. Howeverthe European Union is still working on a digital euro project approaching a stablecoin type cryptocurrency. For more information, discover our complete dossier dedicated to the digital euro. If you want to create your own NFTs, check out our full guide.

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NFT: the Royal Mint will mint an official token for the United Kingdom –

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