NFT, tool to speculate? Not for Alfa Romeo, which is considering resale

There are plenty of good reasons to be interested in the latest model presented by Alfa Romeo. Not only does the Tonale don head-turning plastic, but this crossover introduces the Italian brand’s first plug-in hybrid powertrain. However, it is not the mechanics of this Alfa expected for the summer of 2022 that makes technophiles quiver with joy: a sign of the times, it is three letters – NFT – that hold their attention.

NFT, or Non-Fungible Token. In other words, “non-interchangeable token” or “non-fungible token”. These digital elements make it possible to indisputably certify the identity and origin of an object or information. Each token is by definition unique and tamper-proof, since it is registered in a register subject to the protocol known as a “chain of blocks” (or blockchain).

In the digital art market, NFT is used to speculate — not in the used car market

Already popularized in the art world, the NFT made a remarkable appearance in the automotive world last year. As early as summer 2021, the British manufacturer McLaren announced its intention to create virtual and unique avatars of its most famous Formula 1 single-seaters. On November 2, 2021, the French Alpine became the first car manufacturer to launch a car in the form of NFT: five original liveries of the Alpine GTA Concept were auctioned, payable in crypto-currencies.

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NFT, tool to speculate? Not for Alfa Romeo, which is considering resale

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