NFT video games are real gold mines! Up to $8 million raised!

If you are one of those who thinks that NFT games are just fads, think again, they are real gold mines. Indeed, recently, a video game company NFT managed to raise 8 million USD and it is a real success! Here are the details…

A studio has made a real feat

The world is making great strides in web3 and everything is changing. Indeed, lately, it is an NFT P2E gaming platform called Vulcan Forged which has made a real feat, thus proving that the world is really interested in this type of gaming.

The Vulcan Forged company managed to raise 8 million USD by passing the Skybridge Capital. Note that this company works in web3 products and is positioned as a P2E project incubator in addition to being an NFT trading platform.

In addition, Vulcan Forged also wants to staking cryptocurrencies in addition to wanting to help future creators get started in the creation of NFTs. If you doubted the fact that NFT games have gone out of fashion, here you have proof to the contrary!

We can even interpret this feat as a real phenomenon, given its authenticity!

The point that Vulcan Forged ambitions

Vulcan Forged is not a company like the others since it is ambitious, serious, consistent and above all, aware. Today, the company has 130 employees compared to 2 when it started. It has also produced 15 games and several Apps without raising funds and nearly 200,000 users are now using what the company produces.

Clearly focused on web3, Vulcan Forged soon wants to offer its own metaverse creation game engine. Later, the company wants to compete with the famous Minecraft and become a staple in the field of P2E games. Note also that the value of the company’s dApps is approaching 120 million USD.

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Another company to watch

Besides Vulcan Forged, there was Genopets also last year who did the same feat. This is a Solana-based NFT game where players are rewarded for the steps they take in real life. Genopets successfully raised USD 8.3 million through Konvoy Ventures and Pantera Capital. Alameda Research, Old Fashion Research, Solana Capital, Xoogler Ventures, Mechanism Capital and Animoca Brands are known to have invested heavily in this project.

Also, this game is known to leverage data from users’ phones and wearable fitness devices to convert steps taken in the physical world into in-game rewards. Albert Chen who is the CEO of Genopets spoke on the fact that he wants people to make money by moving. This kind of P2E game has not finished surprising us and you will see that things are moving in the right direction on this side.


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NFT video games are real gold mines! Up to $8 million raised!

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