NFT: When the worlds of blockchain and precious metals collide

Many economists compare gold to bitcoin (BTC). But why limit yourself to one or the other? This is the mission of Novilumium, which wants to back its NFTs with rare metals.

The concept of Novilumium

Novilium is a 100% Swiss company, whose members have extensive expertise in the field of gold and precious metals. One business important in this country still little interested in NFTs. To find out more, we spoke with Steven Prola-Tessaur, one of the two founding brothers of the project.

Novilumium, or RaptorOriginZ on discord, offers its investors to mint a random NFT, which will be a Raptor with different characteristics.

Each NFT will be backed by a metal, ranging from a silver coin worth around 30 euros to a 24-karat gold coin.

Steven explains to us: we are an NFT project first, precious metals are a form of collateral and diversification for the project. We are working on several launches of NFTs and there will be ways to mix their NFTs, creating more value and utility “. For more on new NFT projects, be sure to follow the NFT Tribune.

Each NFT will therefore be exchangeable at any time against the equivalent coin. This can be done in Switzerland or by post.

the mint is scheduled for release on April 2, with a price tag of $900.

Focus on the different coins and NFTs

There are 6 types of NFT:

SILVER – Backed and redeemable for:
→ 1oz (1 ounce) pure silver
→ Attributes: NFT without gold or platinum color

¼ GOLD – Backed and redeemable for:

→ 1/4oz pure 24 carat gold
→ Attributes: Golden eyes

PLATINUM – ​​Backed by and redeemable for:

→ 1 oz of pure platinum
→ Attributes: Platinum Scales + Platinum Eyes

GOLD – Backed and redeemable for:

→ 1 oz of pure 24 carat gold
→ Attributes: Golden Scales + Golden Eyes

GOLD & PLATINUM – ​​Backed and redeemable for:

→ 1oz pure 24 carat gold + 1oz pure platinum
→ Attributes: Golden Scales + Golden Eyes + Platinum Skin

ORIGINAL – Backed and redeemable for:

→ 1 oz pure 24 carat gold + 1 oz pure platinum + 1/4 oz pure 24 carat gold + 1 oz pure silver
→ Attributes: 1 single character & color + no scales / eyes / skin in reference to precious metals

Rarities of NFT
The different levels of rarity

All produced by the company Swiss OnePlusthe parts will be stored in a safe of a private company based in Switzerland (created in 1990), and ready to be sent or collected if ever their owner wishes to proceed with an exchange.

In addition, these coins contain a so-called “Aztec” code. This code protects against counterfeiting and provides the owner with full traceability.

Finally, these coins are designed and created by the famous banknote expert Roger Pfund.

We understand that the value of NFTs changes drastically, if we talk about pure exchangeable value. However, Steven explains to us that this is where things get interesting.

The Silver NFT, the only utility NFT

Silver NFT holders are actually the most useful and lucky to continue the adventure with us explains Steven.

Indeed, holders of silver NFTs from the first RaptOriginZ collection will be able to merge these NFTs with the NFTs from the second collection, which is scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2022, in order to obtain a hybrid NFT. Additionally, they will receive airdrops.

This hybrid NFT of collections 1 and 2 will allow direct access to the white list of the third project. To do this, you will need to merge your Hybrid NFT with the NFT from the third project, which will then create the Ultimate NFT.

It is important to note that only holders of silver NFT will benefit from these advantages, holders of gold or platinum NFT will not have this opportunity.

In other words, holders of silver NFTs will be shareholders and investors of the Novilunium concept and projects. They bet on a high value of their NFT, while gold and platinum NFT holders bet on a value based on the metal assigned to it.

Steven explains to us that after having discussed for a long time with their community, they carried out a vote on their discord. ” Now that you understand the difference between silver NFTs and gold or platinum NFTs, which NFT do you want mint ? »

134 people answered silver, against only 85 for gold and platinum. This is real proof of the collaboration between the project and its investors.

Roadmap and projects

In order to better understand the project and the creators, here is some information on the roadmap.

– 1st trim. 2022: Pre-sale of 396 NFTs to the OG community (original gangsterThose are the early investors) and launch of the 1st collection on the Kalao marketplace: 2022 NFT

– 2nd trim. 2022: Development of the 2nd project with the GOs

– 3rd trim. 2022: Launch of the 2nd collection of 9999 NFTs

– 2nd trim. 2023: Merger of the 2 collections already available in order to obtain hybrid NFTs 🤖-hybrid-nft

– 3rd trim. 2023: Implementation of the final project with the GOs

– 4th quarter. 2023: Launch of the final project previously established with the OG community.

Among the evolutions of the project, Steven explains that the company will take the form of a DAO. In order to let investors and holders of the silver NFT have control over the next steps of the project.

We also discussed a possible integration into the metaverse and a possible Play-to-Earn like many other projects. But Steven explained to us that this was not their goal and that they wanted to differentiate themselves in other ways. However, the team remains of course open to proposals from the future DAO. Learn more about Play-to-Earn here.

Novilumium therefore wants to be the bridge between NFT investors and investors in rare metals. While keeping a predominantly NFT identity. This project is currently unique in the ecosystem and particularly in Switzerland which has not yet developed much in NFT. It only remains for us to follow the evolution of these collections and the interest for investors.

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NFT: When the worlds of blockchain and precious metals collide

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