NFTs and the Metaverse are no longer of interest to many people

There have been a few weeks where communication around NFTs has intensified: the famous non-fungible tokens allowingbuy a small piece of blockchain in anticipation of “web 3.0” and the advent of the metaverse, have indeed had the right to their little quarter of an hour of glory a few weeks ago. All of a sudden, the networks found themselves inundated with images of monkeys and promises of fun applications from some big players in the video game market. Some have managed to make a substantial profit without making waves, we think in particular of Konami and its auctions, but this is very far from being a generality. Now that the bulk of the phenomenon has passed, that the big publishers are slowly but surely starting to change their minds on the subject, it is hard to imagine how the revolution announced by the most fervent defenders of the subject could take place in the near future. And it’s not this Forbes article which will contradict us.

A plummeting interest on Google Trends

An article based on simple Google Trends trends, which are very effective in determining whether a subject is holding up well over the medium/long term. Two quick “NFT” (or Non-Fungible Tokens) and “Metavers” entries on this site and you can see the crash for yourself. The networks and media hype around these two entities allowed research to explode, but once the noisy minority was less audible, the angry outcry from the general public ended up making many companies cautious. Not to mention the overall very limited interest of the thing in terms of fun or its concept as telling as the WiiU, the environmental impact of all these speculative fantasies is absolutely disastrous and should therefore not be extended to a wide audience. To go into a bit of detail, it is above all the games dedicated to the use of NFTs that are the most sought after at the time of writing. Same for the metaverse: since the announcement of the change of name from Facebook to Meta and all the announcements around, the “Meta” brand shines especially for the moment thanks to the HMD Meta Quest 2 (best VR headset for the price/quality ratio, there is no debate), but absolutely nothing that shows any enthusiasm for this famous Web 3.0.

Since the last week of January, interest in NFTs has only been declining

True Metavers don’t say their name

This whole concept of metaverses, of virtual objects to be exchanged or sold in order to shine in a virtual society, has been around for a long time. Second Life, you know? In this virtual and social space all in 3D and free to download, players pay in linden, a currency with an internally calculated rate and absolutely essential if you want to shine in SL. Buy properties, 3D player creations for your clothing, specific animations for your avatars, participate in concerts or special events… Absolutely all the basics and promises of the metaverse are there, minus the virtual reality. Closer to home, Fortnite could surely be described as such: big brands have been using it for months now to promote live or via skins, while a complete instance has been created to host concerts and occasional events. For the moment, the only “concrete” metaverses, simply do not say their name.

NFTs and the Metaverse are no longer of interest to


In a new video from the developers, some never-before-seen concept art from Starfield was revealed in addition to some in-game info from Bethesda.

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NFTs and the Metaverse are no longer of interest to many people

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