NFTs in all games and apps? Apple strikes a blow

Almost prohibitive costs – We already knew for some time that Steve Wozniak liked the technology behind Bitcoin. Apple’s CEO has said it over and over again. What was less known was the intention of the California giant to offer NFT in his App Store. The news fell recently, but it is far from unanimous. In question, costs described as exorbitant by a large part of the aficionados of the ecosystem. Explanations on an apple discord at 30 %.

Big news for mainstream NFT enthusiasts…

Let’s be honest, the news was received very coldly by professionals and the public. It all started with the media The Information and more particularly from one of its journalists: Aidan Ryan. He thus revealed thatApple reportedly told startups that NFT would be allowed to be sold on the apps listed in theApp Store from Apple. But that all NFT sales should go through in-app purchases. And that they would therefore be subject to the costs ” home “.

In this case, it is a commission of 30% can go up to 35% depending on the country. The CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeneyimmediately reacted on Twitter:

“Now Apple is killing all NFT apps it can’t tax, destroying yet another fledgling technology that can rival its grotesquely bloated in-app payment service. Apple must be stopped.»

Epic Games CEO regrets Apple’s decision…
Apple's announcement has not finished dividing the NFT community between those who welcome the arrival of a consumer platform and those who see it as the hands of a single company. .
…when some see it as an opportunity for NFTs to become more democratic!

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…completely ruined by the conditions imposed by Apple!

And he’s not the only one complaining! Florian Muellerspecialized in patents and new technologies and host of the blog FOSS Patents or Jessica Lessinthe CEO of the media The Information – relayed complaints from the community. As commission fees come under fire, Jessica Lessin exclaimed, “ Are there entire segments of the new economy that don’t go through the App Store?“.

It should be noted, however, that some seem packed by the news. Let us thus quote Gabriel LeydonHead of Mobile Game Developer Limit Break. This is what he said on Twitter:

“Everyone is focused on the fact that Apple wants 30% of every transaction, not realizing that it can put an ETH wallet in every mobile game with a total audience of over a billion people. »

With this announcement, Apple sits squarely on some of the founding principles of NFTs and crypto. The exchanges freethe property intellectual or just remuneration content creators seem far removed from the considerations of American society, which is part large firms who see NFTs as a new way to make money. Is the worm already in the apple?

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NFTs in all games and apps? Apple strikes a blow

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