NJR launches an exclusive collection of NFTs to promote its brand

NRJ has created a series of NFTs allowing members of its community to benefit from a certain number of privileges.

The new NFT collection from NRJ

Through its new communication campaign, NRJ demonstrates its desire to position itself in the Web 3.0 sector. Indeed, the French radio station has launched a collection of 30 new NFTs using the colors and shapes of its logo.

According to NRJ, this would be the second time that she would produce NFTs, the first having occurred within the framework of the last edition of the NRJ Music Awards.

The new NFTs will allow its listeners to access services related to the artists appearing in the campaign’s advertising spot. They are Dua Lipa, Stromae, Angèle, The Weeknd and Ed Sheeran.

The NFTs of the said collection are available in 4 versions: Black, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Specifically, the series is made up of 27 NFT Black. They are designed solely to be collected, with the desire to arouse a sense of belonging in their holders.

In addition, the collection also includes an NFT Gold, which entitles you to 2 concert tickets. It also includes a Platinum NFT, which corresponds to 2 concert tickets and an artist’s gold record. Finally, the NFT Diamond unlocks a year of concerts.

The latter will be offered for auction from June 13 to 20 on the landing page nft.nrj.fr. As for the others, they will be offered free of charge on the NRJ channel, website and social networks.

Among other things, it should be noted that all of these collectibles were developed on the Polygon blockchain.

NFTs as a vehicle for social engagement

Over time, the NFT movement has spread to the general public. This excitement has encouraged several celebrities, companies and brands to launch their own projects. Result: NFTs are now an essential tool for building a solid link with your community and rewarding your loyalty.

First of all, NFTs have the particularity of bringing together people from different backgrounds around a given theme. This dimension corresponds to the human need to belong to a group. Thus, NFTs promote interpersonal exchanges, solidarity, cohesion, even confrontation.

NFTs can also be used as an incentive. For example, video game publishers often use them to reward players, for several reasons. They are transferable from one universe to another, redeemable for cash, and in the context of avatars, they generally have a singular aesthetic.

These virtual collectibles can also be used to mark social rank. Moreover, they are highly prized by the luxury industry to prove the authenticity of their products. What’s more, celebrities buy them for astronomical sums, most often to show that they can afford them.

The popularity of NFTs has seen a significant spike in recent years. This is due to the perspective of an elitist community that each project promotes. For companies like NJR, it is important not to miss the bandwagon.

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NJR launches an exclusive collection of NFTs to promote its brand

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