No need to move anymore, this application makes you earn NFTs while sleeping

News hardware No need to move anymore, this application makes you earn NFTs while sleeping

In addition to JEPGs of animals of all kinds, the NFT sector is full of projects, each more surprising than the next. After sport, cinema, or even music, NFTs now invite themselves into your sleep. Indeed, this new application allows you to earn non-fungible tokens after a good night’s sleep.

Sleepagotchi: NFTs conducive to sleep

This initiative is the result of students from Harvard Business School located in Boston in the United States. Through this project, students Anton Kraminkin and Alex Karatkou wanted to integrate web3 into an unmissable routine of daily life: sleep.

Called Sleepagotchi, the application allows its users to be rewarded with NFT when they have respected their sleep cycle. The goal is to encourage members to apply a real beneficial routine based on blockchain technology.

Precisely, it is necessary to inform beforehand an estimate of his bedtime as well as his wake-up time. Once the night is over, if the objective is reached, then the application offers one or two NFTs to the user directly when he wakes up.

But the app doesn’t stop there…

Each NFT obtained can be stored in its Metaroom, neither more nor less than a small virtual room. This initially configured bedroom can be “pimped” at will thanks to several elements in the form of NFTs.

Bed, bedside table, furniture, decoration, and even window, each element of the Metaroom constitutes a non-fungible token of variable rarity. Indeed, NFTs are subject to different ranks:

  • Common
  • “Uncommon”
  • Rare
  • Great
  • Mythical
  • Secret

The higher the rarity, the higher the score it earns.

Beyond NFTs, the application has its own economy with its SHEEP token. The tokens are used in particular to upgrade the NFTs obtained. They also allow “players” to exchange their tokens directly on Sleepagotchi.

For the moment, the application is only available on IOS in alpha version. The least we can say is that despite everything it is already a victim of its own success. Although the project seems crazy, the platform already records several million cumulative hours of sleep and is also the subject of a waiting list of more than 31,000 people – reflecting a certain interest.

This new application is part of many recent similar initiatives to make new technologies related to the Blockchain more accessible. STEPN, the racing application boosted with NFTs and cryptos, has largely demonstrated people’s interest in these fun games of everyday life. With its “move-to-earn” system, SETPN has convinced millions of users to play the game by buying NFT shoes to earn tokens by walking or running.

By getting involved in everyday actions, these projects aspire to make NFTs and even cryptos simply known, through an entertaining application. With this new Sleepagotchi, it is no longer even necessary to move to win rewards – in this sense, are we witnessing the launch of the first “nothing-to-earn”?

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No need to move anymore, this application makes you earn NFTs while sleeping

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