No one asked for NFTs on YouTube, but there’s probably going to be NFTs on YouTube

YouTube could be the next big tech company to give in to the call of NFTs. Are we happy? Not really. Are we surprised? Not at all.

Did you know what 2022 was missing? Another tech company getting into NFT. According to Bloomberg, YouTube would intend to get started. The newspaper had access to a message that Susan Wojcicki, the platform’s CEO, sent to the creators, in which she mentioned NFTs as a future goal.

Expanding the YouTube ecosystem is always our priority, especially to help creators capitalize on new technologies, like NFTs “, can we read in particular in the letter.

NFTs have become the unmissable subject of 2021. These non-exchangeable tokens (non-fungible tokens) are in fact sorts of certificates of ownership registered in the blockchain, which certify that a person is the sole and unique owner. official file. It is this specificity that has made NFTs a phenomenon, by creating a hyper-speculative digital art market.

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YouTube wants to get into the NFT and crypto sector

In her letter to the creators, Susan Wojcicki also explained that Web3, the controversial decentralized internet project, was ” an inspiration for youtube ”, especially in relation to topics related to cryptocurrencies, decentralized applications and NFTs. “ Last year, the world of crypto, NFTs and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) proved that there were previously unimaginable ways to strengthen the connection between creators and their fans. “, she also wrote.

Susan’s letter Wojcicki doesn’t elaborate on how YouTube’s NFTs would actually take shape, or how they might be sold, and where. However, it is easy to imagine that creators will be able to “sell” parts of their videos. It is also likely that YouTube will build its own sales platform.

Nobody asked for NFTs on YouTube, but there's probably going to be NFTs on YouTube
This is a snippet from our latest YouTube video. And soon, perhaps, an NFT. // Source : Numerama / YouTube

The fact that YouTube is keen to carve out a place for itself in the NFT market is not surprising: according to Bloomberg data, in 2021, the NFT market represented more than 40 billion dollars, proof of the enthusiasm for the latter. But YouTube’s sudden interest in non-tradable tokens is also an important signal: this is the first time that Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has shown its appetite for NFTs.

YouTube isn’t the only tech company to have expressed an interest in NFTs. Whether it’s Meta and its NFT project in the metaverse, or even Konami’s video game extracts, everyone wants to be able to recover some of the money that non-fungible tokens brew.

But few projects are truly successful: Ubisoft, which launched NFTs in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, suffered a bitter failure and had to face strong internal opposition. As for Discord, its users have come out against the project so strongly that the platform has had to give up and back down. What if Susan Wojcicki seems particularly excited about the idea of further strengthen the bond between creators and fansnothing says that the latter will be.

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No one asked for NFTs on YouTube, but there’s probably going to be NFTs on YouTube

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