OpenSea improves security by deploying a feature that hides suspicious NFT transfers. – Latest News

Yesterday, OpenSeathe largest market NFThas announced that they have launched a new feature. It aims to prevent the growing number of scams, frauds and hacks NFT on its platform. The new feature will automatically hide transfers NFT suspects to address key trust and security issues on OpenSea.

Prevent Fraud NFT

OpenSea worked to improve the trust and security of the platform. The market NFT plans to make significant trust and security investments in several key areas in 2022. This includes anti-theft and fraud, internet intellectual property infringement, review sizing and moderation, and reducing critical response times in high-touch areas.

OpenSea announced on its official website a new feature that automatically hides transfers NFT suspects of the market NFT. In fact, an open and flexible blockchain ecosystem like Ethereum may result in transfers NFT unexpected from unknown people. Scammers use these transfers NFT to encourage users to consult lists NFT containing links to malicious third-party websites.

The CEO ofOpenSeaDiviner Finzersaid in a tweet: “Like receiving unwanted email, it is possible to receive forwards NFT of people you don’t know. Recently, we have seen scammers use these transfers to trick people into clicking on links to malicious third-party sites. Our latest Trust & Safety helps prevent this new scam.

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The 3 feature updates include:

  • automatic movement of transfers NFT suspects to hidden folders,
  • periodic notification to users of suspicious transfers and
  • the new “Hide” filter options from You and “Auto-Hide”.

OpenSea will start rolling out new features to users in the weeks and months to come. Additionally, the company asks users to report any unexpected activity after the update. Customers can contact the support team for assistance.

The volumes of NFT fall due to piracy

the transaction volume NFT ofOpenSea decreased due to an increase in scams, fraud and piracy. The owner of BAYC NFT has followed OpenSea for theft of NFT.

In addition, the former leader ofOpenSeaNathaniel Chestnutwas arrested last week for wire fraud and money laundering, adding to the company’s problems. Therefore, the company plans to taking confidence and security measures in the market.

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OpenSea improves security by deploying a feature that hides suspicious NFT transfers. – Latest News

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