Oregen: NFTs come to save endangered species

What is this new startup, which certainly has one of the most virtuous NFT projects in history? How can the “tokenization” of endangered species fight against their extinction? As we know, NFTs are absolutely not limited to art! They represent unprecedented opportunities for many sectors. Indeed, the properties of NFTs offer incredible possibilities for all sectors: from gaming to fashion (such as the RTFKT Studio acquired by Nike Where hogan), Passing by wine, photographymuseums (like The Uffizi Gallery Where The Hermitage), ticketing (like the Dynamo Kyev), or even the automobile (with CodeNekt)… However, green NFT projects hardly germinate. This is therefore an opportunity to look into this very audacious and beneficial project of a new startup, French moreover, in this sector rarely associated with NFTs: biodiversity.

NFT and biodiversity: two worlds that seem to oppose, even clash

While the crypto industry and all its associated technologies (NFT and blockchain) are on the rise, biodiversity is deteriorating day by day. Two opposing trends, two intersecting curves… Worse, cryptocurrencies and blockchains pollute and participate in the sad destruction of the planet. Even if this observation is undeniable, it should be qualified for two reasons. First of all, there is a lot of exaggeration and false beliefs about the pollution generated by the crypto industry at large (for example, it is necessary to bring nuances on Bitcoin and its energy consumption). Moreover, the crypto industry seems to be moving in the right direction with emerging blockchains that are less harmful to the environment, the massive use of renewable energy, the transition from Ethereum to Proof-of-Stake

Oregen: a startup hitherto in the shadows, but which has caught the attention of the very big ones

While a large number of individuals oppose the crypto world to sustainability, Oregon imagined a project reconciling the two. The idea is to use the one in full swing to come to the rescue of the one in danger! The startup Oregen was founded by a team experienced in entrepreneurship, with a strong ecological conviction and a fascination for NFTs. To date, the startup has never been talked about because it was still in the process of consolidation. However, she has already surrounded herself withadvisors leader: the CTO of Sorare (Adrien Montfort), the CEO of Kriptown (Mark Kepeneghian), co-founder of MakeSense (Christian Vanizette). Suffice to say that this startup has already started to make noise among ESG and NFT professionals.

Oregen’s wonderful idea: putting NFTs at the service of biodiversity

The objective of their project is to shape and sell at each drop a collection of NFTs representing an endangered species. These sales will then generate money, which will then be paid in large part to a partner association specifically fighting against the disappearance of the species in question. Specifically, each drop will consist of 1,000 NFTs with a varying level of rarity. The NFTs will look like the animal in real life and will be created by professional artists. In short, a realistic work of art with an artistic touch. These NFTs will be designed (“minted”) on the Polygon blockchain (one of the less polluting obviously). Oregen will therefore be used to collect donations for associations for the protection of fauna and flora. Moreover, the name “Oregen” precisely refers to this notion of origin and regeneration. In addition, not long ago, we mentioned here the growing use of NFTs as a source of funding for political parties. Using NFTs as donations seems to be an increasingly common use in 2022…

Win-win-win-win: a four-part win-win project

What is admirable in this project is that all the stakeholders are supposed to benefit from it. First, the association will benefit from 70% of the income generated by the drop, 2% on each sale made on the secondary market and will gain notoriety. Secondly, the artist will increase his reputation, will receive compensation, as well as 1% on each sale made on the secondary market. Third, the team will benefit from 30% of the earnings of the drop for its operation and to allow the development of the company. Fourth, in addition to the usefulness of their purchase for a just cause, NFT holders will benefit from rewards (such as VIP events, privileged access to future collections, meetings with artists and associations) and potentially fruitful resale on the secondary market.

Oregon’s first drop: chimpanzees

The first collection launched will be that of chimpanzees. This monkey with chromosomes close to humans (moreover chimpanzee means “false-men” in the Congolese language) is unfortunately classified on the list of “endangered” species of the IUCN. To help this primate, Oregen has partnered with the Jane Goodall Institute France. This association works to protect chimpanzees and their natural habitats, while putting local communities at the heart of its conservation strategy. These first NFTs will therefore be chimpanzees developed by an artist and will largely benefit the Jane Goodall Institute France for its projects in Burundi. The drop will take place in the coming weeks and will be directly accessible on the site. For more information, here are the links Discord, Twitter, LinkedIn and instagram.

It was time to have an ecological NFT project to counter this so-called dichotomy between NFTs and the environment! This project is both virtuous for the planet and promising from a business point of view. The team is solid, the market is colossal, the problem addressed is extremely serious, the multi-winner positioning is carefully considered, the growth potential is gigantic… All these aspects make this project extremely attractive.

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Oregen: NFTs come to save endangered species

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