PIXXSTASY: this NFT project to fight against drugs

Many projects have used the NFT to support a noble cause, from the emancipation of women to the conservation of nature, etc. The latest addition to this “NFTs for social good” space is PIXXTASY.

This charity project essentially uses NFTs and blockchain technology to fight drug addiction and facilitate rehabilitation. Let’s take a closer look at PIXXTASY’s NFT project and how it works.


PIXXTASY is an NFT project aimed at supporting associations fighting against drugs. NFT designs are inspired by real-world drugs. Often the shapes of the actual drugs are influenced by pop culture icons or big brand logos.

Therefore, PIXXTASY will also follow a similar creative process. In this way, the project aims to raise awareness about the appearance of illegal drugs and the dangers of consuming unknown content contained in them.

Who created PIXXTASY?

PIXXTASY is the brainchild of Zoltán Egri, who overcame two years of drug addiction. Since then, he has been actively campaigning against drug use. His passion for this cause, crypto currencies and blockchain technology gave birth to the PIXXTASY NFT project.

At its core, the project recognizes how long and complex the road to addiction recovery is. Therefore, it supports rehabilitation centers and NGOs that contribute to the fight against drug addiction. This is all the more useful as these centers have long struggled to establish themselves in online communities.

The project has many partners

First, the PIXXTASY NFT project is joined by Edvard Bene, CEO of KingIT Solutions, as a Business Development Advisor. The company and Bene work closely with the project for website development, marketing and product development. NFT. KingIT Solutions has extensive experience in designing mobile and web applications, websites and online stores.

Additionally, the project has teamed up with BSW, a Hungarian hip-hop group. This two-member rap group has over 12 years of experience in the music industry. They are now collaborating with PIXXTASY to promote its anti-drug campaign.

green color hello kitty nft drugNotably, the BSW has a massive following of over 20 million users. Because of this, the project hopes the band can get their message across to the masses and educate their viewers about the dangers of drug abuse.

Finally, PIXXTASY has also partnered with a range of Hungarian and German charity projects to support their initiatives.

All things considered, PIXXTASY is an innovative project to watch this year. To learn more about the project, visit its website. Be sure to follow the project on Twitter and Instagram for all the latest updates. You can also join his Discord server.

PIXXSTASY this NFT project to fight against drugs

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PIXXSTASY: this NFT project to fight against drugs

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