POAP: what is this category of NFT?

The POAP, or proof of attendance protocol, is an NFT whose characteristics make it possible to embody a memory, such as a digital and unique entry ticket. Brands like Adidas have adopted the format.

What is a POAP?

POAP stands for Proof of Presence Protocol in French. A POAP is a NFT, therefore a non-fungible token issued on a blockchain, the purpose of which is to certify attendance at an event, physical or virtual. Since it is an NFT, each POAP is unique and tamper-proof.

The POAP is a standard published in 2019 at an ETHDenver conference; to be officially recognized therefore as a POAP, the token must be issued using the official smart contract, available on the POAP foundation’s website, POAP.xyz.

Why do you want a POAP?

The POAP is used as a souvenir; Like concert tickets carefully kept in a notebook or drawer, POAPs can be collected in a digital wallet. They can mark the passage in an event, a restaurant, an art gallery or a conference.

Today, many brands also offer POAPs to their customers to reward them for coming to a concert, a shop or even to a metaverse. Since the protocol was created in 2019, more than 900,000 dedicated POAP wallets have been created, according to statistics compiled by Dunes.

Moreover, like any NFT, a POAP can be associated with a utility, such as giving access to future events or benefiting from the issuance of tokens, as had done the decentralized organization Bankless DAO for holders of its POAP.

POAPs are therefore received most often when participating in an event. To benefit from it, however, you must have an Ethereum-based address since POAPs are issued on a layer-2 of this network, Gnosis Chain. To view a POAP, the standard POAP app available on iOS and Android is most commonly used.

Examples of POAPs

POAP in France

France is well off in terms of POAP since a subsidiary of the POAP foundation has established its headquarters in Paris: with it, many POAP issues have taken place since 2021. Thus, Ledger has published a POAP to celebrate the release of the Ledger Nano S Plus ; in September 2022the participants in the La Degen evening concert were able to claim a POAP inside the Machine du Moulin Rouge and Patricio Worthalter, creator of the protocol, himself offered a POAP to those who came across him during his came to Paris in July 2022.

The Adidas case

Proof of POAP’s growing place in modern culture: the Adidas Originals brand has issued in November 2021 a POAP to highlight his entry into the metaverse with his collection of NFTs. 3509 tokens were claimed.

Estee Lauder

As she invited the public to take over digital spaces in Decentraland’s Metaverse during Metaverse Art Week in August 2022the cosmetics brand Estée Lauder distributed POAPs to its participants and promised exclusive access to events to token holders.

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POAP: what is this category of NFT?

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