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One Up Plus Entertainment and Yggdrazil Group PCL announced today Heroes of Last Havena one-of-a-kind collectible card game based on the NFTwho allows players to own their cards and other in-game assetsto use these cards to level up and become more powerful, as well as to exchange them freely between each other, while exploring a rich and deep world, filled with adventures and dangers, with tactical and automatic card battles.

The cards, along with special Guild Passes that will grant players access to a special early access period to the game, will launch late next month on the Polygon Blockchain through the Unity WebGL client.

The world of Last Haven is in chaos. The land below has begun to crumble, leaving the ground with gaping holes that lead to deep, dark chasms filled with terrible horrors. The city of Haven remains the last bastion of hope against the invader, serving as a hub for heroes and budding adventurers who set out into the depths in search of glory and wealth. The world is made up of many races and creatures, including humans, Silvans, Naga, beasts, dragons, and even the undead. But, the deeper the heroes sink into the depths, the more dangers they encounter. What is hiding at the bottom of the water?

The journey into the depths is fraught with countless dangers, but five different factions await players eager to prove their worth. Each faction is associated with a special affinity, which gives them unique strengths and weaknesses against future threats:

  • Crusaders – Sacred Affinity – The strongest faction currently in Last Haven, the Crusaders use the power of light to strike down their foes and excel at unit combat.
  • Naturalists – Nature Affinity – Harness the enduring power of nature to ensnare your enemies on the battlefield, and summon large enduring units.
  • Mermaids – Water Affinity – Become one with the waves to copy your opponent’s moves and react to any situation that arises.
  • Deep Watch – Decay Affinity – The Security of Last Haven. Use any tactic to win, be it guerrilla warfare or powerful sacrificial magic.
  • Sun Children – Fire Affinity – Followers of the “Teachings of the Sun” use fire magic to melt their enemies and harness the power of dragons to gain armor.

Players eager to gain access to Heroes of Last Haven’s early access period will be able to purchase NFT Guild Passes, a special trinket that will give them a small head start in the game, with Pass rarity increasing this advantage.

By owning the Guild Pass, players will also receive a limited-edition Hero Card for the Crusader Arthur, which will be minted after the game’s official launch. The Arthur Card will be available in five rarities, each detailing his character’s rise to the divinity. Players will receive one Arthur card per Guild Pass rarity they own, so a player holding a common Guild Pass will be able to receive one common Arthur card. Conversely, a player with a Legendary Guild Pass will be able to receive an Arthur card of each rarity.

  • Arthur, Fighter – Common
  • Arthur, Champion of the People – Uncommon
  • Arthur, Prince of Battle – Rare
  • Arthur, Holy Monarch – Epic
  • Arthur, God King – Legendary

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Polygon Blockchain to Host NFT Heroes of Last Haven Card Battle Game – PXLBBQ

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