Real estate rent 3.0: accessible thanks to NFT Wincity

We often think of the stone as the last option when we think of investing. Besides, those around you will tell you that real estate alone will increase in value in the long term, and if you need it, you can compensate for it with rents in a short time as well. Wincity precisely covers the blockchain and real estate sectors and if you want to know more, here are the details.

Let the real estate investment diversification begin

Often, when you decide to invest in real estate on a personal basis, you are faced with many obstacles. In truth, to do things well, you must know the market in which you are investing, have a substantial capital, have time to search for properties and finally, buy and rent the rare pearl. In order to break down these boundaries and give everyone the chance to make investments, wincity has discovered an authorized approach and that is to distribute funding in the form of NFTs.

The money raised from the sale of each subdivision allows Wincity to raise funds to purchase the property. Then, the holders of NFTs linked to the asset get a monthly passive income (in Ether) according to the following provisions:

  • Monthly rental income: WinCash
  • Capital gain of the property, estimated annually: the added value of the gain Win Capital gain
  • Capitalization due to the leverage effect of the financial institution inherent in the remuneration of the real estate mortgage. It is not paid, but is added each month to the value of the box: the WinCapital.

In reference to the public sale presented by Wincity on its website, you will be able to buy these NFTs in Ethereum, but also in Euros by credit card. Once you get your non-fungible token, you will robotically start receiving your monthly rewards in your pockets. In short, this offer is enough to intimidate Dad’s Agencies.

Masterful management in Lille

After its first profitable operation in Paris, Wincity has launched another collection of NFTs which promises to be interesting on its platform. The objective, this time, is to acquire commercial premises in Lille. The fundraising, via the sale of NFTs, went smoothly. After the success of the first operation, investors had honorable expectations.

However, it is unfortunate that the owner of the building that Wincity was to acquire decided to exercise his right of first refusal. In French law, the tenant has priority if the property he occupies is placed on the market. Thus, if its owner makes an offer at the requested value, he cannot refuse it. There was nothing Wincity could do, no matter how much fundraising.

Very practical if this is not the desired state of affairs and therefore, Wincity has completely reacted by offering three choices to its buyers:

  • Obtain a full return on financing;
  • Wait for the 4-month interval of the right of first refusal in the hope that the tenant will not promote it;
  • Use the funds for a future purchase.

They did an alternative full refund, and subsequently it was done in euros. A serious commitment that contrasts with certain initiatives.


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Real estate rent 3.0: accessible thanks to NFT Wincity

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