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The Rugby Club Toulonnais, a major club in the TOP 14 and three-time European Champion, is launching its first NFT drop, the challenge of which is to allow its supporters to keep a digital memory of their presence at the Mayol stadium.

RCT fans will be the first to hold an imperishable and immortal digital memory of the season, like a piece of the heritage of the Rouge et Noir club. They will thus be precursors in French sport as supporters who own NFTs.

Through this initiative, the RCT uses the latest technological advances to bring its supporters, in particular the most keen on the new generation of the web (Web 3) closer to its players and create proximity, participation and gratification.

A first NFT drop dedicated to supporters with exceptional advantages

This first collection called “RCT for eternity” is a way for each supporter to immortalize their visit to the stadium and their presence at an event. Thanks to an NFT (unique digital collector’s item) in the form of a commemorative ticket with an original design that he owns.

For the holders of these NFTs, owning an asset from the “RCT for eternity” collection also means joining a privileged community, enjoying a galaxy of advantages throughout the season.

Members of this new community will be invited to a private digital space and will be the first to benefit from the club’s future activations in terms of NFT and experiences in the Metaverse, the web of the future.

NFTs will therefore be an innovative way to serve the RCT’s fan experience, to bring supporters closer to players and give them unique experiences.

Different levels of rarity at the service of the fan experience

The Rugby Club Toulonnais thus wishes to raise awareness among its communities by giving them tools to become pioneers of Web3, through 2 ranges of collector tickets:

NFT Red : each supporter present at the stadium will be able to acquire this free collector’s ticket and discover its associated advantages. (3 categories of Red NFT: Bronze – Silver – Gold)

NFT Black : Premium collector ticket at the price of 5€, giving even more exceptional advantages. (3 categories of Black NFT: Bronze – Silver – Gold)

Finally, from February, a new class of NFT will emerge: The “Player of the Month” of the Rugby Club Toulonnais.

At the end of the season, an unforgettable experience will reward supporters who have completed their “RCT for eternity” collection by acquiring all the NFTs Rouge or Noir.

How to acquire your NFT

Go to the platform
Choose your Red or Black “Mystery Chest”.
Create an account using your email address and make payment by credit card (for the Black box).
Then open his chest from the final whistle of the match to discover the rarity of his collector’s ticket (Gold, Silver or Bronze).
Each sale is open 24 hours before the kick-off of the next match and up to 3 days after. The first sale will take place from Friday January 27, 2023 at 5 p.m.

The first brick of an ambitious Web3 strategy in the world of Rugby

This first drop constitutes the first brick of an ambitious strategy of the RCT in the Web3 universe: several NFT drops are planned, in the coming months, to collect great moments of the club, its Hall of Fame and its symbols. The RCT is also undertaking ambitious work in the Metaverse with the upcoming arrival of disruptive and unique immersive experiences in the world of Rugby.

To carry out all of these projects, the RCT has surrounded itself with major players in the Web3 ecosystem: Doors Sportsthe first Web3 agency dedicated to sport, which already supports many players (LNR, LNH, FFF, Alpine, L’Equipe and the Ballon d’Or, etc.) and which has supported the RCT since the start of its strategic thinking; Tailor NFT, the official technical partner of the RCT whose fan engagement platform has established itself in the entertainment and sports sector by supporting the launch in Web3 of major players such as L’Olympia, La Cigale and the Tour de France .

To follow the upcoming announcements and the next drops, go to the dedicated site: and on the Rugby Club Toulonnais Discord:

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Rugby Club Toulonnais launches its first NFTs in the form of Collector Tickets – RCT – Rugby Club Toulonnais

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