Samsung integrates NFT into its TV platform

Since last year, the media have been constantly talking about NFTs, these digital works of art, or collections, based on the blockchain, which sell for gold. And more and more, technology is of interest to digital giants.

While Instagram is preparing to launch support for NFTs, Samsung, for its part, announces the arrival of these on its televisions. During a recent presentation dedicated to its screens, Samsung unveiled the new Smart Hub (the multimedia content hub for televisions). And among the features of this hub, there is the ambient mode.

When the TV is not in use, Ambient Mode displays photos or artwork. And what makes Samsung’s feature special is that it will also be able to display digital artwork offered as NFTs.

“The Ambient Display is designed to display a variety of content, including world-famous artwork, as wallpapers when users are not watching TV, contributing to their design aesthetics. interior. Additionally, Neo QLED 8K provides a unique NFT platform for users to explore and display digital artworks through close cooperation between Samsung and Nifty Gateway.”we read in a press release from the company.

You will be able to buy NFT from your Samsung TV

Moreover, this partnership between Samsung and Nifty Gateway (which belongs to the crypto exchange Gemini) is not limited to the display of digital works of art. Indeed, the gallery will also allow users to buy them.

In its press release, Nifty Gateway explains that it is developing with Samsung an NFT platform on televisions which, in addition to allowing the purchase of NFT, will also make it possible to market it.

“Nifty Gateway is now integrated with Samsung’s NFT platform in their 2022 premium TV product lines such as QLED and Neo QLED TV. Nifty Gateway also provides its independent app for The Frame and MICRO LED offerings”says the company.

However, as The Verge site notes, compared to OpenSea, which is better known to the general public, The Nifty Gateway is more selective. Moreover, this positioning is fully assumed by the platform. “NFTs issued through Nifty Gateway are verified to ensure customers receive quality content”explains this one.

For its part, Samsung ensures that its screens display digital artwork in the best possible way, so that this display reflects the artist’s idea in the best possible way.

In any case, by gaining exposure to this type of consumer product, NFTs should interest even more people, while the support by Twitter, as well as the future support by Instagram, will also help to raise awareness. technology. It is not yet known when this support for NFTs will be launched on Instagram, but Mark Zuckerberg had indicated that it is soon. Some estimates indicate that thanks to this technology, the social network could generate several billion dollars per year, by taking a commission on transactions.

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Samsung integrates NFT into its TV platform

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