Sandstorm is launching an NFT marketplace to bring top brands to Metaverse.

The largest community of builders Metaverse to the world, Sandstormrecently launched its beta platform at SXSWwith a handful of major brands, institutions and projects NFT innovative. This is to allow major brands to access the Metaverse with the best builders and experts.

The marketplace NFT Sandstorm

Sandstorm promises to be the first platform Metaverse enabling mainstream brands to discover the best manufacturers and engage in this growing industry. Creating virtual world experiences for top brands will bring more mainstream adoption and awareness across the industry.

The market NFT running on polygon and Ethereum is widely supported by the community Sandstormwith more than 1,000 manufacturers of Metaverse verified in the first 30 days. The launch on polygon was a priority in order to make it more accessible and to create user-friendly interface with low costs gas. A live beta platform based on Layer 2 technology can create assets metaverse to file formats VOX, GlTF and VXM for a fraction of a penny.

While other markets NFT support trading cards, artwork and many categories NFT different, Sandstorm focuses only on assets ready for the Metable and complete experiences.

Founder and CEO Steve McGary has also mentioned that in addition to brands now hiring builders on a weekly basis, in the near future brands will benefit from thefull experience of Metaverse directly from manufacturers on the platform. In addition to the self-service market, Sandstorm also offers high-end services to help businesses get into Metaverse by offering a turnkey experience.

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Promote the adoption of Metaverse from major brands

Given that Metaverse is a brand new industry, it needs to catch up with many current and upcoming technologies. Although entrepreneurship is an essential long-term fundamental skill, keeping up to date with the latest technology and business trends can be the most profitable.

To bridge the gap between the two, Sandstorm will help companies to enter Metaverse and to develop a wide range of experiences to reach the younger generation. Besides, McGarry, the director of the Sandstorm company, also announced a $2.5 million seed round from star investors in March 2022.

He stated : ” The community NFT is very requested because we’ve grown organically to reach over 3 million people per month. That said, we have over 50 brands and over 1,000 builders now in two decentralized hubs.checked in the world virtual .»

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Sandstorm is launching an NFT marketplace to bring top brands to Metaverse.

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