Scoop NFT: Le Parisien makes the headlines on Web3

It’s five o’clock, Paris is waking up – NFTs, an innovative digital format with new and disruptive qualities. An invention that promises to revolutionize far beyond the crypto ecosystem, for better and for worse. So many investors continue to fantasize about soulless pixels. But some traditional players in the real economy are seeking to position themselves as Web3 pioneers. Their credo? Lay the foundations for new business models and real opportunities. Among the ranks of these audacious enterprises, the famous daily “The Parisian”. Indeed, he is about to launch an initiative that will delight readers and collectors.

Le Journal du Coin offers you this promotional article in collaboration with Le Parisien.

NFTs to the rescue of the press

It’s no secret, the French historical press is undergoing a metamorphosis. Thus, in a global context of a new technological situation, Le Parisien has decided to play its part, and to meet a hyper-connected community. A forward-looking approach resolutely turned towards blockchain technology and the new ecosystem that results from it. A Web3 shift which takes the form of 1000 non-fungible tokens.

1000 is the number of NFTs that will be minted on October 27, created from 100 historical front pages. Precious digital sesame associated with various community utilities. A first for a French media and a rare opportunity for its readers. Indeed, these first iconic pages cover the entire existence of the media which was born in 1944 under the name of “Le Parisien Libéré”. Major societal events where we find pell-mell the victory of the Blues in 1998the fire of Notre-Dame passing by the coronation of Elizabeth II.

The most famous covers of the Parisian will know a new life in the form of NFT

Le Parisien makes its NFT in Web3

This project is called “Crypto ones”. To carry it out, the daily has chosen the Ethereum network, known for its stability and its very recent Proof of Stake shift. In addition to being the digital ownership certificates of these now digitized works, these 1000 NFTs will possess unique abilities. As savvy cryptophiles are now accustomed to, they will grant various benefits depending on their 3 levels of rarity.

In the form of Non-Fungible Token (NFT)the 100 most iconic covers will be engraved forever on a blockchain. A new digital format that guarantees authenticity and traceability, synonymous with trust for investors, especially in the event of resale. Thus, for each “one”, 6 common copies, 3 rare and one unique will be “generated”. The rarer an NFT is, the more benefits it confers on its holder.

A first NFT series, a first step on the blockchain

These advantages are grouped into 3 families:

  • Subscriptions: one year for a “Common” NFT, 18 months for a “rare” NFT, two years for a “Unique” NFT
  • Participation: involvement at various levels in the creation of the newspaper. Thus, regular exchanges with editorial journalists, participation in crypto editorial conferences, events reserved for NFT owners.
  • Investment: Collectors will participate in the creation of a new section dedicated to crypto
The 1000 NFT mint will take place on the Ethereum blockchain
Three levels of rarity give many advantages to owners of NFTs The Parisian

This bold initiative, The Parisian intends to perpetuate it and wishes to make a long-term commitment to Web3. Integrating the editorial line of the journal, content devoted to blockchain technologies and the crypto ecosystem will be published regularly. New journalistic formats will also be implemented in the coming months, involving the participation of NFT owners and their expertise in this disruptive and innovative ecosystem.

It is not surprising that Le Parisien is one of the first French media to enter the new technological era of the internet. Accustomed to following the great facts of society for almost a century, daily life has been subject to all upheavals, all revolutions. Long reserved for an informed public, Web3 and NFT are now transforming habits. Indeed, they create new uses and new opportunities. An exciting universe, in perpetual mutation whose NFTs are the spearhead the most popular. Through this collection, Le Parisien takes its readership head on to lead them to discover a new journalistic and technological situation. Do we subscribe?

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Scoop NFT: Le Parisien makes the headlines on Web3

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