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The real success of the market for NFT’s lies not only in the best-selling collections that fuel fantasies of digital fortunes. It is mainly a question of intellectual property and protection against plagiarismt that explodes since the advent of the Internet. A feature that could make it the next standard in specific industries. Like no example the musicwith a recent trademark application filed by the American giant Sony Music Entertainment.

This may not yet be obvious to everyone, but the NFT tokens can be anything other than digital monkeys sold for 73 ETH of floor price. Because their specificities make it possible to develop many use cases as innovative as they are varied. And this can range from digital ticketing for sporting and/or cultural events to “proof of humanity” in a future Web3 with virtual ambitions. Non-exhaustive list…

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In effect, all sectors of activity that require protection against copying or counterfeiting need NFTs. And why not also music, as the giant in the field Sony Music Entertainment seems to think. Because the company has just filed a trademark application. And the latter concerns non-fungible tokens.

Sony – An NFT Trademark Application

The American multinational Sony Music Entertainment has just confirmed once again its official entry into the boiling universe of NFT tokens. This follows the filing, on August 30, of a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This last supposed cover “audio and video recordings featuring NFT-authenticated live musical performances”. And applied for the moment to music and artists recorded under the aegis of the record company Columbia Records. A fact reported earlier this week on Twitter by the trademark lawyer Mike Kondoudis.

Sony Music filed a trademark application for the Columbia Records logo, saying it plans to use it for NFT support, music + podcast production, artist management + music distribution services … and more !

Mike Kondoudis

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But this initiative is not the first that Sony Music Entertainment has implemented in relation to the NFTs sector. In effect, the latest is a Series A funding participation in the MakersPlace project, dedicated to digital art. And last June, its inclusion in the development of an interoperable metaverse imagined by current tech giants, Web2 version. Knowing that in 2017 already, the Sony conglomerate of the time had already filed a blockchain authentication patent. Suffice to say that this company knows how to fit in with innovative trends…

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Sony – Soon music authenticated by NFT? – CryptoNews

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